Funny / LittleBigPlanet

  • When Creator Pack 1 was released for free, they added five tools and tips for creating levels. All five had pretty straight forward tutorials until you get to the infinite life checkpoint. Behold.
  • In one of the tutorials: "We would like to say that no little sack people were harmed in the making of LittleBigPlanet. We would like to."
  • Anytime Stephen Fry gets to the "Stiff" option on the Piston tutorials.
  • This little exchange from the intro to Avalonia.
    Clive: Hello, Science Face.
  • When Huge Spaceship gets utterly wrecked, you have to head on over to Eve's Asylum. How do you get there? By a duck shaped boat. Clive's reaction?
  • This time when Herbert Higginbotham started rambling.
    • "I was amazed when my eyes were pies."
  • "There's nothing to get upset about...don't go hurling your controller at the cat. 'Cause it might throw something back, and then it'll escalate, and then...oh..."
  • In the Team Picks level "Unhearted: Drake's Misfortune," the name of the temple is "The Temple of Teh Real Waterz," and the reason you're adventuring through it is to discover the secret of getting real water into LittleBigPlanet.
    Book: Hello and welcome, congratulations on traversing the Temple Of Teh Real Waterz. Yes its a stupid name, and internet speak wasnt invented when we built it, but we are prophets you know, and can like, see the future?!.
    Book: So, you want to know how to get Real Water into LBP huh? Well read on Brave one. Firstly though, a little disclaimer, Media Molecule and GruntosUK take no responsibility for anyone stoopid enough to follow the prophets advice.
    Book: 1. First, take your PS3 and insert your LBP planet disc, obvious no?
    Book: 2. Next, find a suitable water container, big enough to hold said PS3. Then fill with water.
    Book: Now throw your ps3 into the container filled with with water. You read and agreed to the disclaimer right? If so, its your choice as to whether its still plugged in.
    Book: And that little adventurer, is how to get Real Water into LBP. You see, you can buy it with the POTC pack (available now online) but thats simulated and not in fact real.
  • In LittleBigPlanet Karting, hovering over the icon for the final level of the second-to-last world prompts Stephen Fry to narrate as he usually does, but his tone comes in serious and dramatic. Saying how you have "two important messages", how something big and threatening is coming your way without enough description of looming doom to make mild shivers and make your wool turn gray with fear. Then he finishes, leaves a beat, and then casually says:
    Stephen Fry: Oh. And Dave called, could you ring him back.
  • Also From LittleBigPlanet Karting, during the intro to Avalonia, the first part of The Space Bass, As the player heads towards the entrance, it gets all dramatic, with blaring trumpets and everything, as Avalon himself begins to greet the player, again... Turns out he's on a vacation, with a hilarious "BRB" sign on the screen in the place of him.
  • Most of the DLC costumes can be made into this. Seeing Sackboy even dressing up as villains and doing all these things, is hilarious, especially with the Sephiroth costume.
  • In the third game, there's a scenic song called "What Is This I Don't Even...". Hear it in the background here, while Newton's devices malfunction.
    Newton: This was working yesterday!
    • Three chapters later, Newton tells the Newton-Bot (the third Titan's form) to pick on someone its own size, in an attempt to show no fear. When the Titan eats him, his plan fails MISERABLY.
    Newton: Okay, I'm a little bit afraid now. [starts falling as the Titan roars] WAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH!!!!!
  • Newton's allergic to drowning.
  • In 50 years, Sonic lets himself go.
  • There's nothing like getting close to a friend's Sackboy and slapping him. Or introducing him to your Frying Pan of Doom.