!The Show
[[AC: 1x01 "Pilot"]]
* Brian's first line in the episode.
-->'''Brian:''' The first thing you need to know is that I didn't do anything wrong.
* How does Brian get the FBI to come over to the bank so he can prove his innocence? By pretending he's a bank robber.

[[AC: 1x02 "Badge! Gun!"]]
* The whole sequence of Brian being tested by the FBI to figure out why he's immune to NZT's side effects. It's clear that Brian is absolutely bored by his narration.
** At one point, his boredom is great enough to make paper mache puppets of his two bodyguards and [[HoYay making them kiss.]]
* Brian's fantasy of working for the FBI involves playing Baccarat while on a case...he just has this tiny little detail wrong:
-->'''Fantasy!Rebecca:''' Brian, you don't play Baccarat with Uno cards.\\
'''Brian:''' Just shut up, okay? This is my fantasy, it's not yours.
* Brian asks for a badge and a gun from the FBI. Boyle gives him a tap roll and a dispenser with post-it notes attached reading "Badge" and "Gun".
* A flashback shows Brian's high school report on ''The Iliad'': "I did not read the Iliad. Maybe honesty counts for points?"
* Rebecca finds Brian and his research in her apartment after he broke out of FBI custody (again). She tells him he's got one minute to explain, and he asks for two because the NZT wore off. And when her timer goes off, he meekly asks if he can keep going.
* Brain getting around a CorruptCorporateExecutive's refusal to cooperate by exploiting the fact that he's a BadBoss - he tells his employees to email the incriminating files to him. Within 30 seconds he's got ten messages.
-->'''Brian''': Hey remember when you didn't think you were going to jail five minutes ago? That was dope.
** Also, he doesn't have an FBI email yet, so he has to use [=NinjaVersusBear@ReabosrbedTwin.com=].

[[AC: 1x03 "The Legend of Marcos Ramos"]]
* Brian's ImagineSpot of Marcos Ramos takes on the form of an old movie, ending with him throwing someone to piranhas.
-->'''Boyle''': Marcos Ramos didn't feed anyone to piranhas.
-->'''Brian''': Well, maybe not... but he could have. He seems like a piranha guy to me.
* Rebecca's Awesome Take-down! Which Brian [[ImagineSpot completely imagines]] since he's not allowed to actually pursue the criminals.
-->'''Imaginary!Rebecca''': You ran like a rabbit, and now you're gonna die like a snake!\\
'''Rebecca''': Why would I say that? It doesn't even make sense.\\
'''Brian''': I don't know. It's cool?
* Brian refusing to learn Mike and Ike's real names.

[[AC: 1x04 "Page 44"]]
* Brian guessing at Mike and Ike's skill sets...while doing an over-the-top wrestling match announcer voice. He also figures that Ike is an expert knife thrower ''maybe''.
** Also, he somehow managed to forget Ike's name...even though NZT allows him to recall ''[[AchievementsInIgnorance every memory he has]]''.
* Brian falling down the laundry chute.
* Naz being completely unimpressed with Brian while she tries to explain the responsibilities that come with being assigned a classified case, since he came to work wearing a '''F'''emale '''B'''ody '''I'''nspector shirt and ended up spilling coffee on the important documents.
* Brian trying to convince Mike to give him another pill.
-->'''Mike''': They gave me two rules. One pill a day, and don't let you get hurt. No way I'm breaking rule one.\\
'''Brian''':...what about rule number two?\\
'''Mike''': One pill a day.

[[AC: 1x05 "Personality Crisis"]]
* Brian attempts to fight a suspect...and gets knocked out in one punch.
-->'''Brian''': I don't get it! I've seen ''Film/EnterTheDragon'' like fifteen times!
** Later at the debriefing, Naz asks Brian if he's okay. He turns around with an icepack pressed against his face and mopes about Bruce Lee lying to him.

[[AC: 1x06 "Side Effects May Include...]]
* After discovering that the FBI had a file on [[spoiler: Rebecca's father's NZT usage]], Brian makes several video messages to himself for when he's off the pill to make sure he understands why telling Rebecca is a terrible idea. The first video involves clay puppets of him and his circle, as well as the Brian puppet being crushed by a boot and chopped up to demonstrate what happens if he goes to prison or lets Sands find out what he's done. The second one has him explain the situation ''in song''.
** Later, Sands visits his apartment and sees the clay models still on the table.
-->'''Sands''': Why is there a clay effigy of myself on your coffee table?\\
'''Brian''': You? Pfft. That's Charles Barkley.
* Brian sneaking into the rehab centre.
-->'''Brian *cheerily*''': Hi, my name's Mike Ikerson and I'm an addict!

[[AC: 1x07 "Brian Finch's Black Op"]]
* Just to start, most of the episode counts since it's an {{homage}} to ''Film/FerrisBuellersDayOff". Almost all of the opening scene is Brian reenacting Ferris' dialogue to the viewer.
** Instead of explaining how to fake sickness, Brian explains how to hide NZT pills in your album covers. He suggests having one with just the right amount of skeletons and naked people.
** He ends up giving his CIA kidnappers nicknames from the movie: Rooney, Cameron, and Abe Froman (sausage king of Chicago). The scene with this also features stone-faced Malik Yoba doing Rooney's over-enunciated "nine times".
** When Rebecca appears as a representation of Brian's inner mind, she's dressed like Sloane.
* Regarding the Rebecca vision, the whole scene goes back and forth between disturbing (she's Brian's inner conscience convincing him that he needs to kill his captors in order to survive) and hilarious (since she's trying to explain that she's actually Brian himself, but appearing as Rebecca, which he knows, because she's him...).
* In the opening scene, Mike and Ike actually refer to each other by Brian's nicknames for them.

[[AC: 1x08 "When Pirates Pirate Pirates"]]
* The episode opens up with Ike tossing Brian "Mike & Ike" candy.
* Brian's disappointment that Naz's choice of codeword is "pomegranate".
** When Brian exclaims that she's headed to DC to kick ass and take names, she dryly replies that he can imagine her trip any way he wants to. So he does: as an 8-bit video game ImagineSpot.
* While trying to reassure Ava that Mitra will be rescued successfully, Brian can't help but quote ''Film/{{Taken}}''.
* Brian and Rebecca are able to make contact with somebody who can identify which pirate crew has Mitra after the first one is attacked...and it's a teenage boy who wants them to tweet about his website so he can get American followers in exchange for the information. Apparently, the FBI can do that too!
* Brian swipes ADIC Johnson's phone and sends a text to everyone in his contact list saying that he has "micropenis".
* Brian and Rebecca playing Screw, Marry, Kill, with predictable results.
** In the first one, they both kill the bomb guy from episode two. Brian screw's Mike and marries Ike, while Rebecca considers marrying Mike before asking which one Mike is. Brian declares that she already made her choice and has to go to the next round.
** The second round, between Casey (Rebecca's actual boyfriend), Boyle, and Brian himself.
-->'''Rebecca''': Screw Casey, marry B - oh god, I could never marry Boyle. Kill Finch. Definitely kill Finch.
* Brian talking about his insufferable roommate with an obsession with pinball machines being one of the reasons he dropped out of college...before panning over to him with a bong, and Brian saying in a defensive tone "I said ONE of the reasons!"

[[AC: 1x09: "Headquarters!]]
* [[InsistentTerminology - with an exclamation point]].
** Both funny and mixed with a bit of heartwarming, Boyle adds a sticky-note with an ! on it next to the H.Q. title on Brian's new office since the FBI didn't do it.
* Brian's incessant badgering of Naz to get a Headquarters lasts ''thirty-five days''.
* The return of the clay effigies. One of which gets rammed into a paper-shredder.
* Of the various assignments Brian hands out to his team (the Bruntouchables), one guy is sent to infiltrate a cult and ends up joining them, and Ike is sent to the wilderness of Greenland while Mike gets to go to Costa Rica. What really makes it funny is their video feed being on at the same time where Mike is lounging by the pool in the sun and Ike is freezing his butt off.
* Brian tells his parents that he could get them tickets to any show except ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}''.
* Everyone is calling them Mike and Ike now.
** Including each other!
-->'''Ike''': You can tell Mike that he can go-*click*
* One of the members calls out Brian for losing track of the person he was after, wondering how is going to "pick up his scent". GilliganCut to Brian [[LiteralMinded smelling the evidence bag]] (he figured out how to give himself synesthesia). Which he learned because of a girl who was very enthusiastic of using this for foreplay.
** Then when he looks at Rebecca she is glowing purple. Brian tells her he thought her color would be "tougher". Cue her a bit startled at the belief she is a "pink".
* Brian has an ImagineSpot of Rebecca catching one of the criminals almost like she was Batman, complete with her doing an OffhandBackhand.
* Brian got a contract killer, serving consecutive life sentences, with nothing left to lose, to flip on who hired him... for a dozen Conney Island bagels.
* Ike has been miserable holding up in a research station with a couple who haven't seen anybody for weeks. He starts to get paranoid thinking they're going to eat him. It turns out they are the kidnapper and his wife that Ike was sent to find. Brian reveals that Ike was in the bottom if his class at Quantico.
* The episode's shout-out to ''Film/TwentyTwoJumpStreet'' that shows the future adventures of the Bruntouchables as cheesy movie concepts.

[[AC: 1x10 Arm-ageddon]]
* Brian really wants his jetpack.
* Brian states he knows why Hollywood makes hacking look so fancy, because in real life it is BORING. So instead of showing us him learning about hacking he just puts a bunch of videos of stuff blowing up.
** Then later uses videos of cats.
** He then hacks the [[RefugeInAudacity New York Stock Exchange]].
* When he shows off that he hacked the arm to Quincy, he makes the hand do a Rock On gesture. [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Then the hand keeps making gestures in the background]].
** Then when explaining to him how he hacked the device, an alarm just goes up covering anything he says with the text saying BORING TECH TALK!
* The montage of peoples arms going out of control. Complete with Brian coining the term that this is [[JustForPun Arm-ageddon]]. Everyone groans to it.
** Then later Arm-pocalypse. Same reaction.
** Then Brian and Rebecca try arm puns against each other.
* Anytime he speaks with Everyone he imaging them as weird pictures.
* [[FramingTheGuiltyParty He blatantly frames the hacker to get him deported]]: such as sending vibrators, bacon, and a billboard with him wearing a shirt that says HAIL SATAN.
* Brian sends the arm hack code Everyone, solely so they can make the killer punch himself in the face non-stop.