Funny / Life's A Glitch TV

  • One of the funniest episodes of When Cheese Fails left Jeff and Adam completely and totally confused when a probe starts building pylons and cannons in an empty corner of the map. They tossed up some theories on why he was building stationary combat structures in the middle of nowhere until they go to the player's view to see that he was attempting a cannon rush on a base that wasn't there. As soon as the probe moved into visual range of what should have been the enemy base, the player immediately quit, and thus the introduction of the FAIL stamp. Almost the entire second half of the video is Jeff and Adam laughing uncontrollably while trying to figure out what happened.
    • In Season 2's finale, it happens again!
    • In a similar vein, there was one video from a cold cast marathon where a Terran player tried to cheese by landing a Command Center in his opponent's base and converting it into a Planetary Fortress...but forgot to get any gas.
  • Various quotes from Adam and Jeff remixed into a song
  • Jeff's utter inability to pronounce the name "Archimedes."
  • Episode 10 of Lagcraft sees Jeff losing a bunch of gear, including a diamond sword; he gives out a Big "NO!" and Wangsts about it...while Adam happily talks about his house.
    Adam: You know, I haven't seen The Breakfast Club in a long time, I should probably watch it.
    Jeff: The hell are you talking about, Adam?! What are you talking about, seriously? You haven't seen The Breakfast Club? You know what you haven't seen, a diamond. And I did! In fact, I've seen two of them.
    Adam: Prove it.
    Jeff: ...Dick move, bro.
    LAGCraft is really just a tale about Jeff's quest to create a post-apocalyptic wasteland by gathering all of the valuable resources in the world and immediately incinerating them.
  • Temple of the Gods Part 4 Episode 6. It starts off with Jeff lighting a mission-critical treehouse on fire, and devolves into fifteen straight minutes of him and Adam trying to kill each other and trolling one another with the game's /tp and /s Slash Commands.
    • Gets an amusing Call Back at the end of the game when the pair, frustrated with the entire Temple of the Gods series, gets some catharsis by planting TNT around the village and blowing it up. At one point Jeff chases a pig into a hole in an attempt to wall it in with TNT...and Adam walls Jeff in, then lights the fuse. Cue little girl scream from Jeff.