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Funny: Liam Neeson
  • His deadpan reading ''Boyfriend'' by Justin Bieber.
  • He met his first confirmed fan on The Graham Norton Show, and was requested to make his famous line from Taken.
  • His Life's Too Short appearance, where he horribly fails at doing improv, because his acts keep taking dark turns.
    • Additionally, the clip bleeps out whose name he says when he pretends "a well known homosexual actor" gave him AIDs. If you can read lips, it appears he says: "lip read". Sly, Mr. Neeson. Sly.
  • His appearance on Nerdist when Chris Hardwick asked him to make an answering machine message and he gave his famous Taken line followed by "So please leave a message after the beep."
  • When people watched The Lego Movie for the first time, many assumed the soft, wimpy voice of the "Good Cop" Split Personality to Neeson's very Neeson-esque, Two-Faced Bad Cop was done by another actor. It wasn't. Just the sight of him doing a few wild takes made the voice director and crew crack up during recording.
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