Funny / Les Choristes

  • Mathieu's very first lesson.
  • Mathieu making one of the boys sing a rude song about him, then remarking that he is completely tone deaf and then making him into the choir's music stand.
    Mathieu: "Hasn't anyone told you that you have the range of a saucepan?"''
  • Rachin getting hit in the face with a football before subsequently challenging the boys to a match against him and the teachers.
  • A Meta one: Beyonce sang "Vois sur ton chemin" during the 2005 awards... Let's just say that her french pronunciation is not really spot on, that some lyrics are hardly understandable, and that the alchemy is rather... special. Of course, this was parodied, with a video adding subtitles which transcribed what she was singing phonetically halfway through the video. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Mathieu tries to help Pepinot answer a question by miming the answer behind Rachin's back. It doesn't quite work.