Funny / legolas by laura

  • Legolas by Laura: The Movie
    • The designs for Legolas' parents... that is: Legolas in a dress and Legolas with a particularly magnificent Porn Stache.
  • "Mean while Gandalf is have a fun time trying to distory the Dark lord."
  • "Then Frodo said "we came to help you and also we got rid of the ring" and then the Dark Lord said"oh no" and then the magical powers from Gandalf distoryed the Dark lord."
  • "Then the fright began" is so wonderful when Man Without A Body reads it. And every instance of "GARDS".
    Diane: And then, the fright began.
    Fanfiction Critic: Believe you me, the fright's already begun!
    • And the Legolas said "ohk".
    • His desperate attempt to pronounce "Strdier".
    • Every time he tries to pronounce words exactly as they are written, which can be a problem due to the blatant and numerous spelling errors...
  • The trailer for the live-action movie.
  • Why did The Dark Lord kidnap Laura?
    Sauron: Because she has the power to distoy us all the bad guys.
  • The word "falut."