A lot of exchanges in the games can be quite hilarious or some of the [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment BLAM]]s that can happen frequently.

* This spectator exchange when watching a race.
-->'''Red Greenbase''': What's the fastest you've ever driven?\\
'''Polly Gone''': 200.\\
''(Nick issues her a ticket.)''\\
'''Bradford Brickford''': 100!\\
''(Nick issues him another ticket.)''\\
'''Shiney Doris''': 50.\\
''(Nick issues a ticket to her.)''\\
'''Shiney''': Hey! 50 is legal!\\
''(Nick issues yet another ticket when she threw the first one on the ground.)''\\
'''Shiney''': What's this one for?\\
'''Nick''': Littering.
* Enter and Return's [[EstablishingCharacterMoment introduction]]:
-->'''Enter''': Incoming!\\
'''Return''': Outgoing!\\
''(Both collide into each other and fall apart before reassembling each other.)''\\
'''Enter''': Hey that's mine!\\
'''Return''': No it's mine!\\
'''Enter''': Since when do ''you'' wear that color?
** Keep in mind that they were both in white hospital uniforms.
** All of the stuff they loaded into the (seemingly) {{Hammerspace}} ambulance.
** Rescuing the person who was choking on a shark, who was choking on a dog, who was choking on a cat, [[{{OverlyLongGag}} who was choking on a parrot]]
-->'''Papa''': We've got to put up a sign. "No pets allowed."
** And the exchange once he's on the stretcher.
-->'''Enter''': Now, don't drop him!\\
'''Return''': You mean like that other guy.\\
'''Enter''': Whatever happened to him?\\
'''Return''': Who?\\
'''Enter''': The other guy.\\
'''Return''': We dropped him!\\
'''Enter''': Well, don't drop him!
* Valerie Stubbins riding her jet ski like it's a wild bull.
* As Laura, you can change people's moods (their way of walking). One such mood has their heads literally bobbing up-and-down as they walk, as though their heads were barely attached to their bodies.
* As Pepper, you can change a character's hair or hat. It's possible to have every guy on the island walking around with a cat, pizza, parrot, or coffee mug on their head.
* In the second game, Papa gives us [[http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SJPlego/Software/Island/angry-papa-and-brickster-bot.jpg a priceless facial expression]] in the cutscene that plays after returning from Adventurers' Island.
** For added hilarity, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj0U9NN6pPc this mod]] replaced Pepper's face with this expression.
* In ''LEGO Island 2'', if Pepper's horse doesn't build up any momentum during the jousting minigame, the Dark Knight actually jumps off his own horse, runs towards Pepper's horse, grabs the end of Pepper's lance, and proceeds to ''lift Pepper clean off the horse and toss him into the ocean''. One of the rare times where ''LEGO Island 2'''s humor actually came anywhere close to emulating the style of the original.
* It may have been [[WhatCouldHaveBeen left on the cutting room floor]], but this [[SubvertedTrope subversion]] of LukeIAmYourFather could have easily been ''LEGO Island 2'''s best joke:
-->'''The Brickster''': Did the Infomaniac tell you about [[DisappearedDad your father]]?\\
'''Pepper Roni''': Uh... he told me enough, I guess.\\
'''The Brickster''': Well, [[LukeIAmYourFather I am your father]].\\
'''Pepper Roni''': [[BigNo NOOOOOOO]]!\\
'''The Brickster''': You're right, Pepper. I ain't your father, but I had you going! Heh, heh, heh!