Funny: LEGO Adaptation Game

Considering one of the main priorities of these games is to retell famous movies with Heroic Mimes in slapstick situations, you can expect a lot of these.
Star Wars
  • When Luke Skywalker first gets his lightsaber and waves it around, he ends up slicing C-3PO's head off. Like in the movie, though, Obi-Wan ducks.
  • Leia gives R2-D2 the Death Star plans by opening his head.
  • And then there are the defective droids the Jawas attempt to sell, R2 falling off of Luke's speeder, Han shooting first and blowing out Greedo's entire torso in the process, Han's Paper-Thin Disguise, the Super Fun Happy Slide into the trash compactor, Obi-Wan waving to Luke while he's fighting Vader... and Vader waving as well, the Rebel pilots' reactions to the plan to destroy the Death Star, a TIE pilot almost shooting himself in the head, a Stormtrooper being thrown through space from the explosion of the Death Star... and this is only the cutscenes from a single section of the game.
  • Vader learns the importance of seatbelts at the end of A New Hope.
  • When you turn on the disguise bonus, all characters get Groucho Marx glasses and mustaches. Everyone. Even in cut scenes. Some pretty dramatic scenes in the original get very, very funny this way.
    • Goes up a whole new level in cutscenes involving vehicles, especially whenever an AT-AT is involved.
  • During the Weapons Factory level of The Clone Wars, Anakin's forces are being overrun and two new enemy tanks have just deployed. He tries to radio Ahsoka and Barriss, but they're too busy gossiping. Anakin finally throws his radio down, runs up to one of the tanks and kicks it. He then starts hopping up and down, clutching his injured foot.
  • This musical tidbit, found in the Episode VI levels of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, also arguably qualifies as a Moment Of Awesome. One level takes place on Jabba the Hutt's sail barge, and another level, in Jabba's palace. In either level, there are a few places where one can assemble a radio (or speakers, on the barge). Once that's done, the rock remix of Imperial March from Force Commander begins playing. Awesome in and of itself, but where the funny comes in is that any Gammorean guards in the area who aren't being attacked will turn their battle-axes upside-down (wielding them like guitars) and proceed to headbang to the beat of the song.
  • The first cutscene in Return of the Jedi. First we see the awesome visual of the Imperial Shuttle flying through space and landing in the Death Star II's hangar. The guards are waiting. The door opens. There's smoke/steam everywhere...and Darth Vader is coughing and hacking through it. He pauses, regains his composure, and goes to one of his generals. We cut to a bunch of engineers literally slacking off (one spins in a chair!). Vader shoots his general a dirty look and walks off. The general breaks down, and another one moves to console him.
  • Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, as a playable character. As if the idea weren't funny enough, the character's movement is what really sells it—the carbonite block sort of wobbles around.
  • The birth of Luke and Leia at the end of Revenge of the Sith is made hilarious by a) the two "popping" sounds as Padmé gives birth (off-screen), and b) the fact that baby Leia is sporting her famous hairstyle from A New Hope.
  • Aayla Secura is driving the Republic Cruiser to dock with Anakin's flagship. She overshoots, puts it in reverse, and then scrapes the communications dish on the hull of the larger ship as it comes in for dock. In the starting cutscene for the next mission on that branch, Artoo is repairing the top of the Cruiser when Anakin accidentally kicks the ignition. Aayla shoves Anakin out of the way, starts scrambling across the controls....and sends the ship forward - ripping off the dish and Artoo. She then crashes the Cruiser into the planet they were orbiting.
  • Nahdar's death at the hands of Grievous, including the resulting corpse.
  • This. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • At the end of "The Zillo Beast" when the player has defeated the titular beast, the clones give it a giant pacifier, then when they take it back to base they have a giant mobile and bottle of milk ready.
  • From "Return of the Jedi," the guard GIVING Luke his lightsaber (after Luke shows off a little). See HERE.
  • The promo for Episode V. It's pretty humorous if you see for yourself.

Indiana Jones
  • In one of the Last Crusade cutscenes, when Schneider attempts to get Indy's attention for the first time, she first jumps up and down waving. When he doesn't see her, she throws an orange at his head, and when he sees her, she walks towards him in slow-motion, flipping her hair in a suggestive way. And then Indy's eyes turn into hearts.
  • Indy offering Belloq the head of C-3PO, only to watch as Belloq imitates a robot in front of some natives.
  • In The Adventure Continues, the Thuggees have just stolen the village treasure, and take off by using a tree as a catapult, which is funny in itself. Then Indy, Willie and Short Round try to imitate the trick, WITH AN ELEPHANT! This does not work of course, and they jump off. The elephant goes orbital.
  • Another Last Crusade cutscene: Indy enters the Grail room, only to see a shadow shaped like Darth Vader. The shadow then lifts up the sword handle and a blade pops up similar to a lightsaber (with the same sound effects). Indy freaks out, only to cut to the Grail Knight laughing his ass off.

  • As seen in the DS version, there's a comedic What the Hell, Hero? moment when Robin laughs at two policemen frozen by Mr. Freeze. Batman's expression is priceless, and at the moment is the page image for the VG page for What The Hell, Hero?.
  • Batman using the Batcomputer to shop at "". Even better, it's an actual promotional site for the game.
  • When the villains are playing poker, Killer Moth keeps getting distracted by the lamp near him.
  • One cutscene where Batman and Robin notice the Bat-Signal in the air. Batman tries to keep Robin from leaping off the top of the building, but Robin does so anyway and (presumably) eats pavement. Batman shrugs his shoulders then starts going down the fire escape.
  • In the first game, Batman defeats Catwoman by leaving a saucer of milk out for her, then arresting her while she's drinking it like a cat.
  • Clayface makes himself a house out of gold bars while he and the Riddler rob a bank.
  • Bane takes himself out by throwing a police car into the air to intimidate the GCPD. The car lands on his head, leaving the police to tow him behind them to get him back to prison. He's so heavy they're barely able to do so.
  • From LEGO Batman 2:
    Superman: I'm Superman. He's Batman.
    Mercy: Uh huh. Are those last names?
    Superman: (beat) Uh, one name each.
    Batman: Like Madonna.
  • The news crawls at the beginning of each cutscene usually have at least one.
  • In the opening to the Arkham Asylum mission, news reporter Vicki Vale asks how smart it really is to put all of Batman's costumed villains together in one spot, before noting that it's at least better than the mayor's plan of letting them all duke it out in a walled-off area in the city. "Now that would never have ended well."
  • Some characters have guns, some have swords, some have other cool weapons, and Black Manta, despite having a suit full of weapons, slaps his opponents with a fish.
  • When Lex helps the Joker escape:
    Joker: Oh, hey Lex! You've come to get your watch back, or did a bus to Metropolis get lost and break down?
    Lex: First, I don't take the bus.
    (A helicopter comes up.)
    Lex: Second... Yes, give me my watch.
  • The entire elevator sequence when Batman and Superman visit Lex Luthor. Among other things, Superman checks on a game's score for a janitor with the help of his super-hearing.
  • Ra's al Ghul's pre-unlock fight combines this with a delicious Shout-Out.
    "If you make yourself more than just a man, you become... a Superman! No, that's not right... A legend! Yes, a legend!"
  • Batman 2 has a field day with the ridiculousness of Killer Moth's name and design, with reporter Vicki Vale's reaction to him being "seriously?" and the fight against him. He is flying around a giant light bulb and to fight him on the ground you have to turn it off. His quote is "The light! The light!"

Harry Potter
  • The part when Quirrel warns the great hall about a troll is priceless. Especially when a full scale riot happens once he's finished and Dumbledore has to duck to avoid getting hit by objects thrown by panicked students.
  • Ginny Weasley discovering that moving Riddle's diary makes Riddle himself move. She then proceeds to shake the diary, causing Riddle to go flying around the chamber, even repeatedly smacking it against her forehead, until Harry snatches the diary from her in irritation.
    • Earlier on in the same story is the fact that Lucius Malfoy doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's slipped Tom Riddle's diary into Ginny's bag.
  • Earlier on in Chamber of Secrets, Harry and Ron ingest the polyjuice potion to get into the Slytherin common room. In the movie, they obviously morph into their counterparts. How is it handled in the game? They just have Crabbe and Goyle's hair balanced pathetically on their heads, providing the very definition of a Paper-Thin Disguise. And despite this scene partially falling to the logic of the Lego universe, Hermione still turns into a cat. And can be unlocked as an optional playable character.
  • The way Quirrelmort trying to find unicorn blood is handled. First, there's a sick unicorn at Hagrid's house. He treats it exactly like a parent would treat a sick child - taking its temperature, making it lie in bed, etc. Then Malfoy is apparently fiddling with some jars outside Hagrid's house, and he's promptly sent flying into the pumpkin patch. Then the sick unicorn runs into the forest, and how is Quirrelmort trying to drink its blood portrayed? Voldemort himself creeps up on the unicorn, with a knife and fork.
    • Hagrid's not only taking its temperature, he's got the thermometer in the wrong way!
  • When Ron and Harry come across the trail of spiders before seeing the petrified Mrs Norris, some of the spiders are carrying suitcases. One of them is even carrying a picnic basket.
  • After the first battle with Voldemort's ghost, Harry goes unconscious, leaving him vulnerable to Voldemort, who attempts to grab him...only to find out his hands go right through him. Harry's parents laugh through the Mirror as he does this.
  • After the first DADA lesson with Lockhart, you can go to the Hogwarts grounds to find him being chased by fangirls.
  • The reason Voldemort killed Snape? He ate the last cookie!
  • The prophecy is portrayed as Harry and Voldemort fighting over a one-up heart.
  • In the movies and books, Umbridge is overwhelmed pretty quickly by the centaurs. In the game, she busts out some ninja flips. It's doubly funny if you're a fan of A Very Potter Musical.
  • In one segment, you can host a puppet show as part of a puzzle.
  • Harry's flashback near the beginning of the game to the events of Goblet of Fire feature a newspaper with a photo of the Triwizard cup with Cedric Diggory's parts stuffed in it.

Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Davy Jones' heart is depicted in LEGO Pirates as...a one-up heart wearing his hat. It looks really silly.
    • On that note, Davy Jones' story is told through playing cards.
    • And when Will is given Davy Jones' heart, his HUD icon shows up with one invincible heart in front of the three regular ones. His co-op partner shown is Jack the Monkey.
  • The backstory of the cursed Aztec gold that turned Barbossa's crew into skeletons is told with cardboard cutouts on sticks... which are also used for the loading screens.
  • Angelica slaps Jack Sparrow with the beard of her dead father.
  • Cutler Beckett's entry in the opening of Dead Man's Chest. When he and his men are sailing to Port Royal's shore in lifeboats, Beckett's horse is rowing the boat for him. Beckett then rides up to Elizabeth, dismounts...and we see that he's a midget.
  • Barbossa's impossibly long telescope in a scene where Will and Elizabeth talk about the medallion. The telescope stretches out over miles of ocean and into the room in which Will and Elizabeth are talking, even going right up into their faces.
  • Jack Sparrow's introductory scene with him driving his boat directly into harbor works perfectly with LEGO bricks.

The Lord of the Rings
  • Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard, seeking Saruman's counsel. His horse skids to a stop, he dismounts and bows to Saruman...and his horse keels over behind him.
  • Poor, poor Boromir. He gets shot with an arrow, a broom, and finally a lethal banana. Thankfully, Aragorn saves him from the chicken.
  • One scene makes it look like Gandalf is smoking. Turns out he's actually drinking hot tea.
  • Merry and Pippin dressed like doctors after Frodo was stabbed by the Witch-king.
  • The rangers and Gollum chasing each other back and forth as Frodo explains the Fellowship of the Ring's mission to Mordor.
    • It gets funnier when you see that he's chasing after four of them wielding a fish and finally at the end they dogpile on top of him.
    • Meanwhile, Frodo has a hard time remembering exactly who was in said Fellowship.
  • The placement of the "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" line: A Pizza Delivery at the Black Gates made by the Easterlings.
  • Peter Jackson throwing an Oscar at the invading Uruk-Hai during the Battle of Helm's Deep.
  • The Black Riders bursting into the Inn of the Prancing Pony...and then asking where the bathroom is.
  • Synchronized horseback riding.
    • The horses in general are funny.
  • One quest found in Edoras involves a guard who mentions he used to be a Citadel Guard, but then he took an arrow to the knee.
  • Legolas using Gimli's axe as an arrow after he's run out and needs to shoot the Watcher in the Water.
  • In the Prologue, the Men get the Nine Rings...and one of them drops his.
  • "Let's hunt some Orc." (Gimli cocks his axe like a gun)
  • Sam going to sleep with a teddy bear.
  • As Frodo and Sam begin their journey to Mordor, Frodo says, "I'm glad you're with me, Sam." before tossing his pack onto Sam, who is already carrying all of their supplies.
  • When Aragorn lights a fire to scare off the Ringwraiths, one of them pulls out a fire extinguisher.
    • Later on, when Arwen does her thing at the river, one of them has a surfboard.
  • Gimli bursting into loud sobs whenever someone dies - or he thinks they're dead. Legolas quickly gets fed up of this.
  • A lampshade is hung on Legolas' Captain Obvious tendencies in the film by having him slide in with a cheesy look to deliver his "A diversion!" line.
  • Saruman swatting the moth that comes to help Gandalf with his staff.
  • Elrond holding a bone in one hand and a guide to putting together Lego figures with the other.
    • And note how quickly he hides both bone and guide when he notices that Frodo's awake. It's as if he was trying to figure out how he could have ended up with an extra bone after healing Frodo. Oh wait...
  • "The Fellowship awaits the Ringbearer!" Awkward pause ensues as Frodo goes to the bathroom.
  • Galadriel glaring at Boromir the entire time they're with the elves.
  • When one of the Uruk-Hai is accidentally shot in Helm's Deep, the others start crying.
    • Also the parody of the slow-motion run.
  • When the Ents release the river onto Isengard, there's a brief shot of one Ent surfing.
    • Plus, Saruman just throws a fit.
      • And kicks the Palantír into Pippin's head.
  • In the film and the book, Gollum bites off Frodo's finger to get the ring. Here, he pulls off his hand. What does Frodo do? He grabs it and screws it back on his arm.
  • The simple fact that dwarf throwing, based on an already hilarious Funny Moment from the film trilogy, is a gameplay mechanic. It's funny every time.
  • In Moria, Gandalf takes off his hat and puts it on Pippin's head, obscuring his vision and causing him to stumble around and knock the skeleton down the well, eventually falling in as well. Once they get him out of the well, Gandalf then proceeds to blame him for the incident, even though it's technically his own fault.
  • Like the canon, the words written on the One Ring appear when the Ring is heated. Here, however, it happens when Frodo drops it in his tea. Also, Sam falling down the chimney.
  • When Frodo's mithril vest is revealed, the glow is so bright that Gimli, Merry and Pippin put on sunglasses.
  • Sam, Merry and Pippin's Paper Thin Disguises during the council - Sam hiding in a flowerpot with flowers on his head, and Merry and Pippin wearing false mustaches with glasses attached.
  • Gandalf the White turns Aragorn's sword into a bunch of bananas.
  • Celeborn the Henpecked Husband.
  • The guards at Helms Deep moving a grand piano in front of the door.
  • The head of Gimli's axe falling on his head during when he announces he will go with Frodo. He gets another one later when he drops an anvil on the torch-bearing orc...which causes it to trip and sends the torch flying onto the explosives.
  • When Pippin doesn't hand over the Palantír immediately, Gandalf hits him on the head with his staff. Then when he does hand it over, Gandalf hides it under his beard, and Pippin starts sulking.
  • When Frodo knocks Gollum down the stairs, Gollum falls past Sam, who waves at him as he passes.
  • The facial expressions Frodo makes before succumbing to Shelob's poison.
  • Shagrat and Gorbag's tug-of-war over Frodo's mithril shirt.
  • When Sam hits Gorbag with his frying pan, the orc tries to avoid falling down the ladder.
  • During the siege of Minas Tirith, one of the orcs gets hit with a pig, and another is stepped on by their giant troll.
  • An oliphant rears up in fear when it sees a mouse.
  • When Éowyn says "I will kill you if you touch him!", the horse behind her nods.
  • Aragorn wearing a pirate hat when he shows up with the Army of the Dead.
  • During Théoden's death, Merry picks up his bottom half and looks nauseated.
    Théoden: My body is broken.
    [Eowyn picks up his upper half, while Merry picks up his legs a few feet away]
    • Also, Théoden's horse briefly sits up and looks around, then dies.
  • While climbing Mount Doom, Frodo sees a mirage of an ice lolly cart.
  • Gollum knocks Sam out with a flower pot.
  • During Mordor's collapse, Gimli gets hit on the head with a piece of rubble.
  • When the eagles fly to rescue Frodo and Sam, Gandalf wears a pilot's hat and goggles, and controls his eagle like an airplane.
  • During Boromir's funeral, his canoe gets stuck on a rock, so Gimli throws a stone at it to make it move.
    • And as it falls down the waterfall, the canoe starts hitting a bunch of rocks, making pinball noises.

Marvel Super Heroes
  • A developer trailer shows off a bonus mission, narrated by Deadpool, where Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic must save a group of Marvel Comics executives who are being held hostage... by Howard the Duck, who's holding them hostage until they agree to give him a new movie.
    • Hilariously, you don't even fight Howard; he knocks himself out with his rocket launcher immediately as the battle begins.
      • Then there's the achievement name after you unlock Howard: "Really?"
  • Stan Lee is playable. And he has almost every powerset, including Eye Beams, an adamantium skeleton, and the ability to Hulk out.
  • This exchange between Captain America and Dr. Doom:
    Dr. Doom: Ugh, really?!
  • Thor describing Loki.
    Wolverine: What the heck's he after?
    Thor: He's only ever after one thing: power. ...And, helmets with big horns. He's really into those.
  • Nearly any exchange between Thor and Loki, really.
    Thor: What are you planning, Loki?
    Loki: [singsong] You can't make me tell. [speaking] You are not the god of me.
    Thor: Ohhh! Thou dost vex me with that taunt. You have used it since we were children!
    • Made even better by the look of pure "Seriously? No, seriously?" on Cap's face at that moment.
  • Before the final battle:
    Thor: Were we only children again, I would resolve this by giving Loki what you mortals call a 'wedgie'... But I fear the forceful elevation of undergarments will not save us now.
    Iron Man: I'd pay to see it, though.
  • Thor does get one last parting shot at Loki as well after defeating Galactus by bonking him with his hammer.
  • The first level gives us this bit, after Sandman erects a wall to keep the heroes away.
    Iron Man: Profound.
  • After the second level:
    Captain America: Oscorp? What would Green Goblin be doing at a completely legitimate and not-at-all-suspicious office tower like Oscorp?
  • Spidey and Iron Man "towing" Doom's jet. It's just so petty, and they do a chest bump and Secret Handshake at the end.
    • Spidey then turns to high-five Thor. It doesn't work.
  • The Running Gag where Spidey tells anybody in listening range about how hard his life is (in a completely angst-free tone of voice, no less) to collective eye rolling and chuckles from the other heroes.
  • The Juggernaut's entire appearance, which is utterly riddled with references to "The Juggernaut, Bitch".
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the— ah, nevermind, you get it!
    Juggernaut: Get outta my head, Charles! —Uh...I mean, Jean!
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the
    Iceman: We get it!
  • In the finale of the game, the heroes and villains try to get along before they all fight Galactus together, but a fight ends up starting in the Helicarrier. Why? Green Goblin knocked the Hulk's burger out of his hand.
    • Bonus points for the punch Hulk gives the Green Goblin being a exact mirror of the one he gave to Thor in The Avengers.
    • Even better, the one person who just remains seated? The Human Torch of all people.
  • As Sabretooth opens all of the cells in the Raft Maximum Security prison, he alerts the heroes that he just unleashed the deadliest villains upon the world. Cue intro subtitles for Red Skull, Loki, Carnage, and... Stan Lee.
    • Abomination sleeping with a teddy bear.
  • During the final battle with Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds himself, he'll actually say "Om nom nom nom..." when consuming something.
  • Pick a scene with the Hulk. Any of them. Odds are he's responsible for one of these.
    • Why can't Hulk go with Tony and Captain America to Stark Tower to get the Mark 42 suit? He ripped his pants.
    • When fighting mano-a-mano with other giants Hulk catches his foe's wrist and then pummels them with it "why are you hitting yourself" style.
  • The Sandman also gets one in his boss battle: "I'm melting! Melting! No wait, that's not right... I'm solidifying! Solidifying!"
  • After the battle with Sandman, Spidey says something that perfectly encapsulates the Peter Parker side of his life:
    Nick Fury: Thanks for your help, Spider-Man. There's always a place in this operation for a hero like you.
    Spider-Man: Like I have time for that. I have a trigonometry exam tomorrow, my aunt needs me to pick-up a dozen eggs and I'm drowning in angst.
  • The brief flashback to the Avengers and X-Men dancing at a party - with Iron Man on Charles Xavier's lap.
  • Once Deadpool is unlocked, he'll appear around New York to offer missions to the player. One of them is a perfect parody of fetch quests.
    Deadpool: Wah wah! I lost my precious Flamingo Blade, and don't feel like looking for it myself! Dang, those fetch quest people annoy me. Still, go get it for me.
    • And once you get to the third mission...
    Deadpool: It's time for my third mission! You know what that means!? The developers have probably run out of ideas. Let's go beat up some bad guys. Bonus points if you see them spawn in.
  • The Sentinel gets some good lines during the fight with him.
    Sentinel: Mutant? Anyone here a Mutant? We'd very much like to destroy you.
  • When Galactus appears and falls under Loki's control, it cuts to Nick Fury and Hill on the Helicarrier taking calls.
    Nick Fury: Yes, I know a gigantic being is attempting to eat the Earth with the help of an Asgardian god, I'm on it.
    Maria Hill: Thank you for calling S.H.I.E.L.D., please hold. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D, please hold.
  • Jumping off the Hellicarrier usually is rather awesome with almost all characters. Though just try doing so with Aunt May. An old lady jumping off the Helicarrier and just skydiving down to New York below is quite hilarious. Even funnier when you jump off as Mister Fantastic and Sandman's transformations (a teapot and sand castle, respectively).
  • Mister Fantastic, The Thing and Invisible Woman get blown out of the sky by Doom's missiles. Sue saves everyone with her forcefield, and then Reed grabs the other two and turns himself into a rubber parachute. Looking down, he says he saw this in a movie once. Most likely he's talking about the film that people often say was a better Fantastic Four movie than the actual Fantastic Four movies.
  • Nick Fury is always eating something.
  • When you replay Times Square off, you have to destroy a part of the environment containing the Fantastic Four's suits to get a Minikit... And behind the thing containing the suits? H.E.R.B.I.E., who complains at being stuck in there since the 70s.

The LEGO Movie
  • Many of the film's original hilarious moments are shown, but the game adds some more, too.
  • In the Escape from Flatbrush level, Emmet and Vitruvius have to climb a ladder to get to another train (because the one they're on is about to derail). They start arguing about who will go first, resorting to rock-paper-scissors... but then they realize that it's pointless because of their claw-hands.
  • Vitruvius' blindness is a gameplay mechanic. He can cross precariously thin passages over dangerous hazards just fine because he can't tell it's dangerous. Anyone else who goes close backs off. The game calls the mechanic "Blind Courage."
    • In the Old West hub, there's a small area with a stallion, and the guy near it warns that "he'll kick you into next week!" Only Vitruvius can go in and collect the instruction page, and when he does, the guy yells that Vitruvius is crazy. Vitruvius doesn't think that the guy is yelling at him.
    • The first few times the mechanic is used, Emmett becomes more and more convinced that Vitruvius isn't blind. Later, Batman echoes the same sentiments.
  • In the Broadcast News level, the opening puzzle is to press buttons in order while an episode of Where Are My Pants? is being filmed. The last button is for Rattling Off Legal.
    "'Where Are My Pants?' is a trademark of the Octan Corporation. Every time you say it, we deduct money from your bank account. We are always watching."

The Hobbit
  • During the trailer, Legolas catches one of the hearts from Tauriel and Kili and tosses it aside in disgust. Jealous, are we?
  • After giving Thorin, Ori, and Kili titles such as King, Shooter, and Ladies Man during the trailer, it pans over to the rest of the dwarves and they're titled The Rest.
  • During the encounter with Gollum, a goblin who's with Bilbo shakes his head and waves his arms, telling Bilbo not to accept his game of riddles. When he does, the goblin facepalms.
  • The Running Gag of Azog's severed hand trolling him.
  • When the company is captured by Thranduil's soldiers, Bifur manages to duck away and hide behind a rock with Bilbo, who gives an Oh, Crap face to the camera when he realizes he can't understand a single thing Bifur is saying.
  • When the Orcs find Bilbo and the others, Yazneg tells the other to tell Azog about it. The orc pulls out a telephone, then gets frustrated when he has to leave a message.
  • Most of the funny moments relating to Bombur revolve around his gluttony. For example, when Smaug tries to burn the company, Bombur uses the firey breath to cook a piece of meat.

Lego Batman 3
  • Joker singing "I got the whole world in my pants". Batman and Lex Luthor simultaneously tell him to shut up.
  • On a meta-note, the Trolling Creator tendencies regarding a potential reveal of Raven. It starts with them asking if she's popular, then confuse her with a famous actress. Finally, they begin to give in, but troll fans even further.
  • When Batman takes off to go into space, he fries some ducks by accident.
  • Some of the banter during gameplay is pretty amusing, such as Alfred wondering if Batman is going on a rampage because he used the Batmobile for grocery shopping, or Robin saying he heard that Batman Can Breathe in Space.
  • When the heroes/villains damage Braniac's ship enough, everything starts going out of control, and the Lanterns under Braniac's control start firing off energy pulses. Multiple heroes/villains get hit by these pulses, causing the emotion corresponding to whatever color they were hit by to be amplified. Which leads to them acting very...different from how they normally act. Whaddaya mean, OOC Is Serious Business?
    • Joker gets Love.
    • Solomon Grundy gets Hope.
    • The Flash gets Greed/Avarice.
    • Lex Luthor gets Compassion.
    • Cyborg gets Fear.
    • Wonder Woman gets Anger.
    • This causes Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Cheetah, and Martian Manhunter to be the frustrated straight men for a large portion of the game.
    • In particular, Flash, who was hit by orange light (Greed), gets a lot of hilarious moments where he tries to snatch up everything around him, from traffic lights to chickens.
      • His greediness also leads to him constantly saying that he wants everything he sees and declaring it to be his.
  • Straight after Green Lantern's mysterious disappearance, this scene follows:
    Robin: Where'd they go? Is Green Lantern...dead?
    Wonder Woman: That explosion killed him?!
    Batman: We don't know if he's dead.
    Joker: That would be ashamed. He's so handsome and sweet!
    Cyborg: I'm really afraid that might happen to us!
    Grundy (hugs Joker and Luthor): C'mon, guys! We'll make it! No problem!
    Luthor: I hope so!
    Robin: What the heck is going on?!
  • Larfleeze's boss fight in the game. Aside from constantly screaming "MINE!" throughout the game, he also is tricked into accepting a construct of Hal Jordan when he wanted the real deal.
  • Booster Gold's idle animation is taking a selfie of himself and Skeets. The photo he takes is shown to Skeets afterward.
  • As expected, Superman and Clark Kent turn into each other. However, it's pretty hilarious, since it doesn't take itself seriously at all. This means a phone booth drops down out of nowhere, Clark dashes in and emerges as Superman, and the phone booth promptly falls to pieces behind the proudly grinning Superman.
  • Green Loontern (Daffy Duck as a Green Lantern) in general.
  • When fighting Brainiac in London, Superman shouts, "Don't do it! The people!" which is a particularly Narmy line taken straight from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
  • The entire end credit sequence, playing a loop of the 60s Batman series theme with Batman (voiced by Adam West) and Robin climbing the side of a building and bantering with various characters.
  • At the beginning of the Arrow level:

Jurassic World

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Lego Crossover Game