Funny / Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

  • Jatt and Jutt have the funniest lines in the movie, hands down. A good example would be when Jutt tries to intimidate Grimble with a "evil face" he made up. Grimble simply asks Jutt if something's wrong with his face.
    • And then Jatt tells Jutt that he has to work on his comebacks.
    • Jatt and Jutt in general, really, in stark contrast to their book portrayal.
  • The scene where Soren and Gylfie try to act moon-blinked. Soren does OK, but Gylfie has her wings out like a zombie. Grimble's expression just screams, "What the hell?".
    • Same with Soren while Nyra gives her "The-Pure-Ones-Are-Your-Family-Now" speech.
  • Eglantine yarping her first pellet, along with her O_O face after she gets it out. It's capped by her stunned/grossed out "What is it?"
    • Then when Mrs. P calls it her "first" pellet. "You mean there will be more?"
  • The whole scene with the echidna. 'He should have known that already.'
    • I foresaw that too!
    • The Echidna repeatedly calling Gylfie a doubter. To the point where he calls her "The Navigator...who doubts."
    • "I foretold you so!"
  • Gylfie's pout when Soren appears smitten with Otulissa.
    • And Soren's dreamy look when he's staring at Otulissa.
  • Anytime Twilight tries to sing. You know it'll end in tears for SOMEONE.
  • "We're off to the Sea of Hooladance!" "It's Hoolemere." "Hoolemere!"
    • The look Digger has after that takes the cake.
  • The interaction between the Echidna and Mrs. P is also worth noting.
    Echidna: Wait...are you a snake?
    Mrs. P: (Brightly) Yes I am.
    Echidna: (Makes commenting noises)
  • This little gem:
    Allomere: Oh, good Glaux. Boron, your Majesty, if I understand this correctly: Metal Beak is not a myth, he's building a slave army of moonblinked owlets, and is planning to conquer the world with magical pellet debris.