Funny: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

  • Joshua's exasperation at having to wear a maid outfit
    Joshua: BOY CLOTHES, NOW.
  • Estelle's reaction to one of the bosses:
  • Any of Estelle's Straight Man moments, often punctuated by her "what" face, as seen here.
  • In one of the side missions in Chapter 3 of FC, Estelle learns that she's being paid to try out a pair of the latest model of her favorite brand of sneakers, and promptly offers a prayer of thanksgiving.
  • Dunan, when faced with three women pointing their weapons at him, decides that the best course of action to take is to insult their gender in their face. Even the goons protecting him are exasperated at his stupidity.
  • In FC Chapter 4, it takes Estelle several minutes to realize that the Princess is Kloe
  • When her father brings a child into the house, Estelle asks if her dad betrayed her mother.