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Funny: Legend of Galactic Heroes
  • Yang's speeches.
  • Late in the series, when Reinhard starts taking an interest in the arts and his subordinates all desperately try to pawn off his requests to accompany him to ballet, poetry readings, and the like onto each other.
  • Bittenfeld is the king of Funny on the Imperial side. This exchange also:
    Bittenfeld (to Wahlen as they are walking down the corridor, somewhere around the time of Reuenthal's rebellion): If the Kaiser ordered you to lead a punitive campaign against me, would you do it?
    Wahlen (instantly and without batting an eyelid): Yes. (And he looks like he would like to add: "With pleasure.")
    • Bittenfeld's face at that moment is the CMOF by itself.
    • One time he has a conversation with Muller, gets worked up, kicks a wall, and ends up hurting himself. They then both act like it never happened.
    • And again Bittenfeld when he, Wahlen and Oberstein arrive on Heinessen:
    Bittenfeld (loudly, walking about three paces behind Oberstein): I don't want to get embroiled in what Oberstein does! If I accompany him and end up going to Valhalla for it, I'll kick him out of the Valkyrie's carriage!
    • And then promptly sneezes twice, resulting in Oberstein's only Crowning Moment of Funny in the whole show.
    • Another instance where Bittenfeld isn't directly involved, but he causes it.
    Soldier: A request for reinforcements from Admiral Bittenfeld.
    Reinhard: Reinforcements? Reinforcements, is it? (getting increasingly angry) Does he think I have a magic jar that gushes fleets? [Reinhard launches into tirade] You know what? Cut off all communications from Bittenfeld.
    • It was especially amusing that Reinhard, usually calm and composed, could be annoyed to such an extent.
  • Walter von Schoenkopf: "In other words, in my left hand is Fleet Admiral Reuenthal's head... and underneath my right foot is Truniht's head. And in my right hand is a tomahawk!"
  • Count Mariendorf, after learning that his daughter spent the night with Reinhard, expressing relief that Reinhard's inclinations do not go in the other direction.
  • The official who fumbles reading the declaration during Reinhard and Hildegarde's wedding being told by Reinhard "You are not the one getting married".
  • The other admirals (except Mittermeyer) being taken aback by Eisenach finally speaking.
    • Toppled by the narrator, in his usual deadpan voice, reading the time and date like with any other historical moment.
  • Eisenach's one cup of coffee or... two cups of coffee.
  • Him defusing an argument between Bittenfeld and Wahlen by throwing water at them.
  • Marika, upon seeing the Imperial residence on fire: "This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gone out to get ice cream!" An incredulous Kesler: "That's not how it works, is it?"
  • Poplin and Lücke knocking each other out simultaneously.
  • There are also a lot of presumably unintentional ones, for whatever reason (sometimes it can be attributed to the fansubs). An example is the flagship "Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli", or Fredericia's utterance "You might have killed millions of people, but at the very least, you made me happy." And then there are Yang's seemingly racist remarks towards Louis Mashengo...
    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the flagship of Vittorio di Bertini of 730 Mafia fame, is actually the name of the Aztec god of the morning star and this is in line with the ship-naming habits of both the Alliance and the Empire based on mythological figures.
  • Dusty's story about Poplin and Schönkopf catching each other coming out of certain female officers' quarters... then doing it again a few weeks later in opposite positions.
  • Reinhard, normally a VERY serious man, showing up with a HUGE bouquet of flowers for Hilda and acting like a love-struck puppy-dog.
  • Yang sneaking a drink during a high level strategic meeting in episode 38.
    • Made funnier when Julian's attempt to move the liquor bottle away from Yang was foiled by Yang's subordinates attending the meeting, who then proceeded to help themselves with the liquor, much to Julian's annoyance.
  • Yang waxing philosophical about alcohol.
  • Combining this with Crowning Moment Of Awesome, in the Gaiden OVA The Silver-White Valley, when Reinhard heard Kircheis was trying to save a woman from getting raped by their comrades, he decides to help. And he makes his Dynamic Entry from 14:20-14:30 of here, face covered in black and blond hair glowing. What makes this funny is that Reinhard may have went Super Saiyan on the rapists, and it gets funnier because Reinhard is Vegeta.
  • In episode 6, Yang's attempt at a rousing speech at the ceremony for the formation of his 13th Fleet... And the soldiers assembled giving him a genuine standing ovation when he concluded with "Let's fight so we won't die".
    • He also overslept and showed up late.
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