Funny: Legacy of Kain

  • From Soul Reaver 2:
    Elder God: Moebius is my good servant. I have many.
    Raziel: And if I told Moebius that he's worshipping a giant squid, do you think his faith will falter?
    • As you find out later in Defiance, apparently it does.
  • From Blood Omen:
    Kain: (referring to Nupraptor's severed head) Alas, poor Nupraptor - I knew him well. Well, not really.
  • From Blood Omen 2:
    Duncan: Restricted area. This passage is for night shift workers only.
    Kain: (dryly) I am the night shift.
  • In Defiance, after entering the cheat code to turn the Reaver into a cardboard tube:
    Kain: Fear... the tube!
    • The very act of smacking enemies around with a cardboard tube is also marvellous.
  • Also in Defiance
    Kain: Locked. What love of doors these pathetic humans have.
    • And again:
    Elder God: Here and everywhere. Now and always. I am the Wheel and its turning. I am the Circle of Life and Death.
    Raziel: And I am beginning to think the vampires only commited suicide to escape your voice.
    • The out-takes from Defiance are arguably even funnier than in Soul Reaver 2
    Michael Bell: And I said, "No more yogurt, Elder God."
    Michael Bell: [as Shaggy] YA DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS, DO YEW?!
  • From Soul Reaver 2:
    Raziel: (referring to Kain) Oh, no. Every time you show up, something monumental and terrible happens. I don't think I've the stomach for it.
    • Even funnier when you consider that Raziel literally does not have a stomach.
  • The outtakes from the recording sessions for Soul Reaver 2 (can be viewed here) and Defiance (can be viewed here, here and here).
  • From Blood Omen:
    Moebius: ...the future says you die!
    Kain: But I am dead...
    *decapitates Moebius*
    Kain: are you.
  • Moebius' wonderfully unfazed reaction to Kain killing him for the second time:
    Moebius: Master, my apologies, a momentary oversight. Somehow Kain still lives, and has unexpectedly dispatched me.
    • And just as he starts to say this, the camera pans round to reveal Raziel standing right behind him, and not looking happy.
  • The beginning of Soul Reaver 2 has this gem:
    Moebius: I knew you when you were one of the Sarafan brotherhood, Raziel. We were even close.
    Raziel: Oh, please...
  • Raziel's snarky response when he meets his human self in Soul Reaver 2:
    Sarafan Raziel: "You're a righteous fiend, aren't you?"
    Wraith Raziel: "Apparently I am..."