Funny / Legacy of the Drow Series

  • The description of the banner of the Longriders from Longsaddle, allies of the Harpell wizard clan: a wild-haired stick figure man, standing atop a house whilst firing lightning bolts into the heavens— or possibly being blasted by the gods with lightning from on high.
    • And, more generally, anything the Harpells do, including one memorable battle wherein Harkle Harpell Squicks out an illithid by essentially casting a shit-for-brains spell.
      • For those unfamiliar with illithids, they like to literally suck out and eat their victims' brains. Harkle's spell temporarily moved his brain to his ass and the contents of his bowels to his cranium, giving the illithid one hell of a nasty surprise when it tried to feed on him.
  • Jarlaxle fends off a mindreading by cramming his brain with the most disgustingly pornographic images he can conjure up. Of the mindreader.