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Funny: League of Legends
  • The Journal of Justice has this in spades. Along with giving extra info and backstory on the champions for the interested (quite a few) there are a number of "joke" articles which are just meant to be amusing. Special mention for Annie doing advertisements for dental hygiene. Yes, that Annie.
  • The Journal of Justice had an article, viewable on the wiki here, about Blitzcrank creating a sort of dating service. The article was amusing, but the best part was the accompanying illustration in which Blitzcrank shows photos of successful (well, he might have a different definition of it, being a robot and all) pairings from his service - one was Rammus and a cactus.
  • For Thanksgiving 2010, the Forums organized a AYAM, or All Yordles All Mid, game day. At the start of the game all players must pay their respects for Urf the Manatee by dancing in front of his grave, then fight to the death in a 5 vs 5 match with no retreating allowed. Things get a little crazy.
  • The two blooper reel videos Riot made of their own Season One CG Cinematic. The first is worth a good giggle, with Groin Attacks and Epic Fail but the second is HILARIOUS, asking Fridge Logic questions like "what if the summoner controlling a champion is a klutz?", "aren't those minions Cho'Gath eats actually animated contructs?" and "just how dog-like is Nasus?"
  • There are a number of funny fan videos, but one of the best is Rammus Taunts Everyone- a perfect blend of snark, memes, Shout Outs and burn.
    (to Golia- uh, Galio) Xanatos called. He wants his bitch back.
    (to Katarina) Was that your ult, or were you having a seizure?
    (to Karma) Uh, wait... who are you?
    (to Leblanc) Hey, try that decoy thing again, maybe I'll fall for it this time.
    (to Morgana) Your sister's hotter.
    (to Malphite) I can stop the rock.
    (to Tristana) Everyone does your job better. Everyone.
  • You cannot escape Jax. Ever.
  • The tale told in this newspost. To give a quick brief, Mundo had taken a bunch of other champions to a bar, and the waitress kept asking, of all people, Rammus if the table wanted more drinks. I think you can guess the rest here.
  • Some champions' jokes.
    • Xerath
    • Even funnier when you realize that, due to his insatiable thirst for power, Xerath literally had MORE ENERGY THAN HIS BODY HAD ROOM FOR! So he got rid of it.
    • Xerath even has ENERGY LEGS.
    • He's also made of lightning. REAL LIGHTNING!
    • Ziggs
    You wanna know how to disarm a bomb? (eats the bomb, then burps out the explosion)
    • Or his other joke line.
  • The Chinese CG animated comedy series La La La Demacia. Non-stop hilarity. The Demacian men never catch a break...
  • Guardian Angel is an armor that revives you on the spot with roughly half your HP on death, playing the animation in reverse to simulate getting up. Kog'Maw's death animation involves him exploding, so it would be kind of weird on him if he should somehow equip it. Thus, Riot has the item coded to play his dance emote when its ability goes off instead.
  • Some of the champions' alternate skins are hysterical:
    • Nunu's "Grungy Nunu" skin dresses him as Oscar the Grouch and Willump as Cookie Monster.
    • Annie's "Reverse Annie" skin dresses her as Tibbers...while also dressing Tibbers as Annie.
    • Ryze's "Uncle Ryze" skin dresses him as Uncle Sam and turns his scroll into the U.S. Constitution.
    • Kog'Maw's "Monarch Kog'Maw" skin turns him into a butterfly with girlish eyelashes.
    • Morgana's "Sinful Succulence Morgana" skin puts her in a baker outfit, though the humor mainly comes from the skin's portrait where she's frustrated over burning her gingerbread men.
    • Heimerdinger's "Blast Zone Heimerdinger" skin makes him look like he was caught in an explosion, hence the name.
    • Gragas' "Gragas, Esq" skin features all the drunken uncouthness of regular Gragas in a high class suit.
    • Karthus' "Statue of Karthus" skin dresses him as the Statue of Liberty.
    • Corki's "Urfrider Corki" skin replaces his plane with a manatee.
    • Olaf's "Brolaf" skin gives him a polo shirt and jeans, turns his helmet into a beer drinking helmet, and turns his axes into ones made of recycled beer boxes.
    • Cho'Gath's "Gentleman Cho'gath" puts him in a top hat, monocle and a fancy coat. Like Brolaf above, it also comes with new voice clips.
    • Thresh's "Deep Terror Thresh" skin has a unique recall animation where he fishes up a treasure chest and rests a foot atop it proudly. He doesn't always catch it though.
    • Renekton's "Pool Party Renekton" suits him up as a lifeguard, trades his blade for a surfboard, and allows him to pull out a lifeguard bench out of nowhere during his Recall.
    • Urf The Manatee. It's not Warwick in manatee clothing, we swear.
  • The occasional Funny Back/Foreground Events in the skin portraits can be worth a chuckle or two.
    • "Sinful Succulence Morgana": As stated prior, it's not just her baker's outfit that's hilarious, but also that she overbaked her gingerbread men.
    • "Pool Party Ziggs": Ziggs does a cannonball, much to the chagrin of Garen, Katarina and Darius.
    • "Pool Party Leona": Taric chases after Lux, much to Ezreal's dismay. The best part? Taric does the Girly Run.
    • "Heartseeker Vayne": Apparently Dr. Mundo asks Vayne to go on a date, and she replies with an arrow on his back..
    • "Forecast Janna": Teemo is flying in a tornado behind Janna.
  • Elise, a Ms. Fanservice champion with an extra emfphasis on her legs, has the Can-Can for her dance emote. This carries over to her spider form where she actually forms an impromptu chorus line with her spiderlings. The results will make you spit your drink across the room.
    • The dances in general will cause you bust a gut laughing. Some are expected, such as Olaf's dance being based on "Techno Viking" and Corki "Doing A Barrel Roll". Some, however, are completely out of left field, like Twisted Fate channeling his inner K-Pop star by dancing to "Gangnam Style"!
      • One better. Urgot, the undead cyborg monstrosity, does the Kirby Victory Dance!
      • What is probably the best one, however, doesn't even belong to a champion. Vilemaw, the boss for the Shadow Isles version of Twisted Treeline, is a gigantic undead spider. Dancing within a certain radius of him makes him do The Carlton Dance.
      • Malzahar would like you to know that you can't touch this.
      • Kassadin does the sprinkler
      • Post-VU Garen would like you to do The Monkey with him.
  • No-one can say the Riot staff don't know how to have a good laugh. Even if it is by taking the piss out of both the whinier segments of the community and themselves.
  • Poor Ashe.
  • The trailer for the Mac version is also highly amusing. It starts with Corporate Mundo going where he pleases and ends with one of Zigg's hexplosives standing in for the Apple logo. It also includes such hilarities as a child's drawing of Mordekaiser standing next to a burning house with "I [heart] My Daddy" written on it, a banana included on a display wall together with a collection of other weapons, an emergency glass cabinet with "Press R to win" printed on it and a water cooler that dispenses health and mana potions.
  • Udyr just utterly fails to give a fuck.
  • Another hilarious fan video is a clever parody of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise"- ladies and gentlemen, may I present "Yordle's Paradise".
  • Even professional teams can have a good sense of humor. Case in point: Season 3 World Championships, Group B, Fnatic vs. Mineski. For the record, Team Mineski had lost every match during the group stage up to this point, while Team Fnatic had a score of 6-1. Team Mineski knew that they couldn't enter the quarterfinals while Fnatic were almost guaranteed to get there. So what does Team Mineski do? Create a four man support + 1 ADC team, where each lane plays a support. note  While Mineski pushed the towers early, they lacked any form of damage, and eventually Fnatic won the match. However, the crowd cheered for Mineski and a fan following was created because despite losing, Mineski at least has some fun and had good team spirit while showing great sportsmanship playing in the world championship, a rare accomplishment from a Southeast Asian team (since most teams rarely manage to enter the world championship).
  • The Road to the Cup video trailer is trying so hard to be awesome that it's hilarious. Watching animated renditions of fairly normal-looking pro-gamers in T-shirts and pants leaping around doing martial arts kata and unleashing flashy special moves of their most-played characters is cool, but endearingly ridiculous.
  • The (recently discontinued) video series CholeraNinja is Bad at LoL is one Crowning Moment of Funny after another. Highlights:
  • The Korean text for 'Annie' also is the same text that begins 'Anivia' - as such, in the Korean tournament OGN Champions Winter 2013-2014, Anivia (a rare and not particularly strong pick) has been repeatedly banned instead of Annie (a fairly strong support), much to the chagrin of the teams that do it.
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