* Lawrence singing "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" in a canyon and enjoying all the echoes... only to realise someone else was watching/listening the whole time.
* After getting his new Arab clothes, Lawrence (out of sight of the camp, and thinking he's alone) takes a moment to strike a few dramatic poses and admire his reflection in his knife. Then he spreads his arms like wings and starts running around... once again, only to realise he's being watched.
---> '''Auda abu Tayi:''' ''What are you doing, Englishman?''\\
'''Lawrence:''' ''As you see.''
* Auda offering insults:
-->'''Auda:''' Give thanks to God, Brighton, that when He made you a fool He gave you a fool's face.
* Lawrence enters a military bar in Cairo with his Arab servant, ignoring the racist looks being given to them as they order their drinks....
-->'''Lawrence:''' We want two large glasses of lemonade.
-->'''Bartender:''' Th-This is a company of British officers!
-->'''Lawrence:''' That's alright- we're not particular.