Funny / Laurel and Hardy

It's really every single moment in each film, but here are some of the best:

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  • In The Music Box they spend the first half of the film getting a piano up a rather large flight of stairs. When they finally reach the top, a postman tells them they could have just gone around and up a nearby hill. So what do they do? They take the piano all the way back down and go round.
    • The Professor's Overly Long Name: Professor Theodore Von Schwarzenhoffen, M.D., A.D., D.D.S., F.L.D., F.F.F and F.
    • The first time the piano falls down, the nurse they were trying to help laughs at them. So Stan kicks her ass. And then she slaps Stan, and when she sees Ollie laughing, she breaks a baby bottle over his head.
  • In Way Out West, Stanley vows if they don't succeed in their task "I'll eat your hat!" When they don't succeed, Ollie makes him stick to his word. Initially whimpering in distaste at the deed, Stanley's lapsed into blank-faced contentment by the third bite of his meal. Ollie snatches his hat back before it's completely gone, but takes a curious bite himself.
    • Stan's "magic lighter".
  • In Block Heads, Ollie invites old war buddy Stanley to his home. Before long, Stanley's destroyed Ollie's car, the wife has left in a huff, and the apartment is destroyed. Ollie tries using the phone, unaware the line's been severed, and after a long conversation realizes he's been talking to Stanley...Ollie chuckles merrily, then throttles him.
  • In Blotto, the entire phone conversation between Laurel and Hardy while Laurel's wife is in the same room. Laurel hangs up twice on Hardy, Hardy keeps trying to find Laurel's number in a phone book, and the slapstick during the third time they're talking. Also including the duo's reactions to the liquor (which was really cold tea with tabasco and various substances Laurel's wife put in), Laurel randomly bursting into loud tears while someone sings, and the last several minutes from the two laughing hysterically to them being chased by Laurel's wife, who is wielding a shotgun.
  • The "Jeanie-Weenie" running gag in Beau Hunks, particularly where even the leader of the invading force has a photo of her. Even funnier is that every single man, from the new recruits up to the General is in the French Foreign Legion because of her jilting them.
    • Similarly, the commander at a nearby fort attacked by the Riffs for 20 days hears reinforcements coming to save him and his men. He flings open the door in joy-then it turns out to be just Laurel and Hardy, separated from their troops by a sandstorm.
  • Helpmates is wall-to-wall hilarity.
    Ollie: Shut up and get this mess cleaned up! Do you realize that my wife will be home at noon?
    Stan: Say, what do you think I am, Cinderella? If I had any sense I'd walk out on you!
    Ollie: Well it's a good thing you haven't any sense!
    • Also a stove pipe knocks down and Stan yells to Oliver Hardy "LOOK OUT!" And the pipe hits Oliver's head and smokes are in his face.
  • A number of montages showing the funniest moments have been uploaded onto Youtube. Here's the first one, the second one, the third one, the fourth one, the fifth one and the sixth one.
  • In Them Thar Hills, local moonshiners dump their brew into the well during a heavy gunfight. Stan and Ollie later get water from said well, and when Stan finds the alcohol-infused water "funny", Ollie simply says that it's the "natural iron" in the water.
    • Oh, and everything that happens to Charlie Hall.
    • And when the well explodes.
    • Plus, the scene where Hall's wife and the boys get drunk.
  • The Battle of the Century: The epic pie fight. Which also doubles as an Escalating War.
  • In Two Tars, the second half of the film, with all the Car Fu and vehicle wrecking. Plus, there's the end where it shows the aftermath-one car is impaled on the back of a lorry carrying a very long log and another one is driving upside down.
    • The crazy car chase at the end, where the policeman orders everyone to follow the boys, and his miserable attempts to commandeer a car after his bike gets run over.
    • And then everyone has to stop chasing them because a train pushes them all away.
  • Big Business. The whole damn thing.