Funny / Last of the Summer Wine

  • The Title Drop from "Oh Shut Up And Eat Your Choc Ice". Eli comes across them driving a three-wheeler, mistakes Clegg in the passenger seat for a little kid and gives him money to "buy yourself a choc ice". Then in a Brick Joke later when Clegg complains, Seymour utters the episode title.
    • Earlier, the three of them looking for a rat in a bale of hay and Semour trying to claim to a busload of Japanese tourists that it was a scientific experiment.
  • From "Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie", several characters have to get hold of suits. Compo borrows "a blue suit" from Eli, which turns out to be bright electric blue.
    Barry (annoyed after Glenda made him spend his money on a suit): I wanted a hi-fi!
    Compo: You want to a get a suit like this, Barry, this suit's like a hi-fi.
  • From "Getting Barry Higher In The World", the Running Gag of "Are you holding it properly, Barry?" and Seymour designing a kite in feet which Wesley made in metres. Then after the giant hang glider-sized kite turns out to actually work quite well:
  • In "Three Men and a Mangle", after the trio manage to get Nora Batty's mangle downstairs for disposal with a lot of effort and Seymour's tie is destroyed in the process, Nora starts musing on how it belonged to her mother and how it's a shame to get rid of it. Seymour replies stiffly "We are NOT taking it back up again!"
    • The whole scene with the two policemen is hilarious, but especially how it starts, with them sitting in the car:
    PC Cooper: You know what I think the most important thing about being a policeman is?
    PC Walsh (dreamily): ...Love.
    (Cooper is about to continue, but just stops and gives him a weirded-out look)
    • They take the mangle in to a pub for a rest, where Eli mistakes it for 'a Mini that's been in a nasty accident' and the landlord has the memorable line:
    Landlord: Everywhere else it's age of t'satellite—me, I'm still getting mangles!
  • From "Das (Welly) Boot", Wesley obtains an oversized engine for the boat they're refurbishing. Halfway through, Barry comes up to them...
    Barry: Mr Pegden, there seems to be something missing from me engine.
    • Then when they actually try it, the boat sinks...
      Foggy: I think we need a bit less engine, Wesley.
  • Howard tries to show off his disguise attempts to Clegg, which doesn't work because (as Clegg says) he's so easily fooled that he thought Sooty was real. When Howard puts on dark glasses and a moustache:
    Clegg: It's Fu Manchu! I am living next door to Fu Manchu!
  • Clegg discovers what he thinks is a new kind of beetle and tells Pearl that it might be named after him.
    Pearl: What, "Norman"? A beetle called "Norman"?
    Clegg: No, not "Norman", "Clegg's Beetle"!
    • Later in the same episode:
      Clegg: This morning, I saw a most unusual beetle. Now the hills are getting steeper. Is there a connection, I wonder...
  • After Howard has been trying to get Clegg to do yet another Zany Scheme to do with Marina, Pearl interrupts them and asks them what they were talking about. Cue Stereo Fibbing:
    Howard: Football! / Clegg: Philosophy.
  • Any time there's an amusing episode title and a Title Drop. "Wesley has built himself a self-propelled salad strainer!"
  • "I'm Zero, the Human Cannonball!" *laughter* "And I'm Puff the Magic Dragon."
  • Barry's head meeting the wall three times in response to Glenda letting slip over the phone that he plays golf sometimes in "The Swan Man of Ilkley".