Funny / Last Night

  • The inane radio:
    "Closer to home, over a thousand would-be rock stars joined with Randy Bachmann in North York for the world's largest guitar jam. Here they are, learning the chords to 'Taking Care of Business'."
  • Gallows Humor: The pervading note of the film generally, since everything everyone does is more or less meaningless given that they're all going to die at midnight, but Patrick's family tends to be especially clueless.
    [Patrick's mom brings a turkey and a leg of lamb to the table]
    Grandmother: Oh, golly.
    Mom: I know that this is a bit much, but, Patrick, you always did love lamb.
    Patrick: Well, that should do it.
    Mom: We didn't want anyone to starve.
  • Craig bragging about how successful he's been.
    Craig: I wanna die having a mutual orgasm.
    Patrick: Oh, well, I better be going, then.