Funny: Kyou Kara Ore wa!!

  • The chapter where Mitsuhashi picks up the little foreign girl, which has gems such as the little girl imitating Mitsuhashi's Bishie Sparkle and Mitsuhashi's justification for it not being a kidnapping.
    Mitsuhashi: I caught her off the streets!
    Itou: She's not a dog or a monkey, you don't catch her!
    • When he finally realizes what he's done, he then attempts to get rid of the girl by putting her in a box and abandoning her. He then trips on purpose in order to make Itou catch the box to save the girl and thus be branded as an accomplice.
      Itou: No fair...
      • Mitsuhashi then teaches the girl how to refer to him and Itou.
    • Mitsuhashi got arrested by the police for kidnapping the little foreign girl. Then the parents of the girl arrived... And berated the cops: they were black-skinned Americans, and so the girl the cops were supposed to rescue, while the one picked up by Mitsuhashi was a blonde half-Japanese half-Caucasian.
    • In the end, the little girl's identity is revealed: she's Serika, Mitsuhashi's half-American cousin, visiting with her mother (Mitsuhashi's maternal aunt, who married a blond American). Mitsuhashi was not amused. Itou even less.
    • And the reason Mitsuhashi picked her up? A teacher had threatened to shave his head if he returned to school blonde, and Mitsuhashi wanted to pass himself for half-American, with the girl assuming the part of his little sister.
  • How Mitsuhashi interprets the English language.
    • Even funnier is whenever Mitsuhashi speaks English.
      "Mayonaise, Ketchup, American Coffee, Mild Seven!"
  • The end of chapter 25.
    Itou: Mitsuhashi! You ate my chocolate cornet, didn't you?!
    Mitsuhashi: mmnt nmmm! (No I didn't!)
    Itou: Then what's that in your mouth, huh?! Give it back!
    Mitsuhashi: (while spitting out the cornet) Blech!
    Itou: Wha?!
    Mitsuhashi: Show me proof that this is your bread!
    Itou: Eww, it's all chewed up...Wait! I see the chocolate! That's mine!
    Mitsuhashi: He's sharp...
    Riko: You two are disgusting!
  • The beginning of Chapter 26.
    Tanigawa: Looks like everyone here is afraid of you, Imai-san!
    Imai: Hmph! And why is that Tanigawa?
    Tanigawa: Well, everyone here knows you! And even if they didn't they would still be scared!
    Imai: And why would they be scared, Tanigawa? Do I look scary?
    Tanigawa: Oh yeah! You're really big...and look really scary!
    Imai: I guess people should be scared. I'm a bad man.
    Tanigawa: Er...that's right! You're bad, Imai-san!
    Imai: So that makes me the baddest guy around!
    Tanigawa: Er...well...Sure! You're the worst there is! (thinking)I get it. So he wants to be badder than "him"...
    Imai: Tanigawa! Why did you just hesitate?!
  • In the same chapter, a delinquent writes a fake love letter to Mitsuhashi in order to lure him out so he can fight him. Mitsuhashi interprets this as well as you expect him to.
    Mitsuhashi: Um, sorry...I don't swing that way...
    Delinquent: That's not what I meant!
  • Riko tries to convince her classmates that Mitsuhashi has good sides.
  • Imai accidentally hits a cop in the face, Mitsuhashi, Itou and Tanigawa all ask him to turn himself in and beg for forgiveness, when he freaks out thinking of the trouble he will get into and knocks the officer's partner into a trash can running away. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Mitsuhashi trying to teach Itou's cousin how to defend himself from bullies, involving such things as peeling an onion to prove Itou that men could cry too and accidentally picking a fight with Kagawa-san.
  • Sagawa summoning Mitsuhashi and Itou to fight off a group of bullies from Akehisa. Made even funnier by the head delinquent asking him if he thought he could scare them by saying their names before Itou walked to the scene and Mitsuhashi literally jumped out of nowhere. For obvious reasons, very few people dared to pick a fight with him after that.
  • During his manga debut, Imai declared he'd applaud Mitsuhashi if he managed to land a punch on him. Mitsuhashi of course lands that punch... And demands his applause. And Imai actually does it!
  • There's a stray dog who can perform tricks. Just one problem: "chin chin" is both the name of a dog trick and Japanese slang for dick, and when you try and make him perform that trick guess where it'll grab?
  • Imai using a bullwhip against Mitsuhashi. He was that close to defeat Mitsuhashi... But ran away when people mistook them for BDSM performers.
  • Mitsuhashi and The Thing That Goes Doink. He tricks Itou and Ryou into getting hit on the head by it, then tries it on Kurosaki, who dodges, brags that nobody would fall for it... And gets slapped on the chin when the thing is filled with water again.
  • In one story arc, the Akasaka's dojo (represented by Itou, Mitsuhashi, Imai, Ryou and Tanigawa) lost a match against another dojo due the opponents cheating and Mitsuhashi going overboard (he destroyed the entire enemy team by beating them with the tatami, and the rules stated they were to fight bare-handed), and, due the stipulations, was supposed to close. How did Mitsuhashi solve the situation? The Exact Words were that the losing dojo was to lower their sign, and Mitsuhashi had the sign hung near the ground.
  • In the manga Imai, Tanigawa and other Beni High students played a terrifying prank on Mitsuhashi, leaving him frozen in shock for a whole night. That event generated a series of these.
    • Upon being told of what happened, Riko and Itou were terrified at the thought of what Mitsuhashi would do them in revenge.
    • Tanigawa's realization they Didn't Think This Through.
    • Mitsuhashi's Imagine Spot of what he'd do to Imai and his accomplices. It includes Mitsuhashi setting one of their homes on fire, and ends with Mitsuhashi discarding the plan because it's not epic enough!
    • Imai's epic Oh Crap! moment when he sees Itou trying to convince Mitsuhashi to let him live only to back down in terror.
    • Mitsuhashi's revenge.
      • It started with Mitsuhashi almost throwing Imai under a car and almost hitting him with a falling flowerpot, and getting him in trouble with a policeman and Kagawa-san, before beating up everyone involved but Imai and Tanigawa.
      • Then he lured Imai in an abandoned building and locked him in a room, with only a window to exit from. But Mitsuhashi accidentally locked himself in... Except he didn't: he was just making Imai believe it.
      • With the situation he had created, Mitsuhashi tricked Imai into doing a lot of embarassing things, like confessing he had never kissed a girl, eating a banana peel, weed, eggshells and his own shoe (he failed this because it stank too much), and drinking his own pee (the only reason Imai didn't actually do it was that he hadn't any to do).
      • Then he gave Imai an i-beam with a wire and a hook attached to try and recover a rope to use to escape. Imai had taken the rope with the hook... At which point Mitsuhashi exited the building and cut the wire, and gave an Evil Laugh to drive home the fact he had tricked Imai to easily.
      • What about Tanigawa? Mitsuhashi was doing him the very same thing in the very same building, only on the other side.
      • Oh, and Mitsuhashi took notes of what Imai and Tanigawa did under that experience, and spread the knowledge.
  • After taking over Akehisa, Suenaga sent his men to Nan High to demand a compensation of one million yen... Plus 3,000 yen for the consumption tax.
  • The flashback with Kimimura's Origin Story, including him being nicknamed Fundoshi Mask, going from being his school's terror to becoming the local Butt Monkey, just for repeatedly trying to pick a fight with pre-delinquent Mitsuhashi and not realizing when it was time to quit.
    • The punchline? That was the event that inspired Mitsuhashi to dye his hair blond and become a delinquent, but he completely forgot about it or Kimimura.
    • Upon moving to Chiba, Kimimura tracked Mitsuhashi down to Nan High. He was terrified at the mere sight of the heads... And had an epic Oh Crap! when he asked Riko to bring him Mitsuhashi and she called one of the heads.
    • When it was finally clear he had issues with Mitsuhashi, he couldn't remember him... So he told him there had been a mistake and sent him to Itou. Itou beat him up in self-defence before Kimimura called him Mitsuhashi, and he explained the mistake.
    • Kimimura had a plan: faking having forgiven Mitsuhashi and shake hands with him while wearing nails on the inside of his fingers, then club him into submission as he was pained. Not only he got punched out, but he wounded himself when he clenched his fist to swear he would make Mitsuhashi remember.
    • Kimimura's desperate attempts at making Mitsuhashi remember got him beat up again and again, until he was bandaged in a way that made him look like he was wearing a fundoshi as a mask (what had prompted Mitsuhashi to call him Fundoshi Mask)... At which point Mitsuhashi finally remembered. Of the Fundoshi Mask, of course: he still had no idea of who Kimimura was. And made him a Butt Monkey even in Chiba.
    • Kimimura was happy... But after a while he realized he had forgot taking his revenge. Cue him trying again... Only to discover that Mitsuhashi had forgot about him again, and couldn't recall of him even with the fundoshi mask.
  • The creepy chemistry teacher of Nan High aspired to properly educate his students, but lacked the strength to stand up to them... So he hired a gigantic former Yakuza as lab assistant. Not even throwing coconuts at him could stop him.
    • When the teacher started having his Yakuza shave the boys' heads and cutting the girls' hair, Mitsuhashi entered in action. How did he neutralize the enemy? He talked the Yakuza into taking the students' side. Cue the chemistry teacher being so shaved he looked like The Greys...
  • This dialogue between Riko and two Hokunei punks.
    Punk #1: "Are you Mitsuhashi's woman?"
    Punk #2: "You know about him, right?"
    Riko: "I don't know."
    Punk #1: "I'll beat you up if you lie to me any more! I know you're his girl-"
    Riko: "Now I know. Look, he's flying towards you right now..."
  • At one point in the Hokunei arc, Nakano decides to enter the frame, and, upon being asked by a Mook if he has a grudge against Hokunei he replies he has none, and continues with: "But that idiot [Itou] is mad now. Which means you must be real baddies. I shall punish you evildoers!"
    • At the start of the arc, Nakano played the part of the Only Sane Man to Mitsuhashi, Itou, Imai and Tanigawa by trying to stop their impending fight.
  • Mitsuhashi and Imai's reaction to the discovery that Itou is rich.
    • The chapter where Kyouko visited Itou's home. Between being nervous by herself and the sight of Itou's home, she was so nervous she mistook Mitsuhashi for Itou's father.
      • The hilarity continued, and the chapter ended with Mitsuhashi stealing Itou's koi fish to eat them.
  • Riko's Imagine Spot of Mitsuhashi working as an insurance agent, a construction worker, a cook in a restaurant, and a Yakuza.
  • Takasaki's initial attempts at defeating Mitsuhashi.
    • After realizing Mitsuhashi was on the roof of the school, he went there, imagining a typical gang hangout... And found Mitsuhashi and Itou settling a dispute in a badminton match, with Riko and Yuuichi as referees.
    • After the match ended, Takasaki went to fight on Mitsuhashi. After declaring he has better looks, Mitsuhashi told Itou, Riko and Yuuichi to leave, then told Takasaki to wait for a minute... And locked him on the roof.
    • At P.E. there is Judo, Takasaki's speciality (he's a black belt). As opponent, Takasaki chooses Mitsuhashi... Who is caught painting his white belt black.
    • Before sparring, Mitsuhashi and Takasaki are warning each other of their own prowess (Mitsuhashi is obviously lying badly), when Mitsuhashi declares: "You... Sure have short legs".
    • Takasaki won handily in their spar, thanks to his superior skills and Mitsuhashi having no idea of how to perform a strangling move in Judo. So he tried to have a rematch... And glued his shoes to the wooded platform beforehand. Takasaki still managed to lift him, platform and all.
  • When a group of Tokyo delinquents show up to try and pick a fight with Mitsuhashi and Itou, they torture Takasaki to find out where they usually are. So Takasaki gives them directions... For Akehisa. With which they had already picked a fight.
  • Mitsuhashi temporarily taking over the Gardening Club.
  • Imai and Tanigawa's attempts at eating curry while camping:
  • Mitsuhashi tricking Nakano into adopting a puppy.
  • In one occasion, Imai was arguing with Mitsuhashi and Itou when, swinging an arm, he knocked out a cop. Hilarity Ensues during his escape, especially after the Nan duo scared him with what they thought what would happens after the arrest.
    • In the end the cops don't arrest him for two reasons: they had heard of his fame as a brainless moron, and his attempt to escape had just got him ran over by a car twice.
  • One of the teachers' reaction to run into Mitsuhashi on his day off: "Uwoh! I ran into a boss monster without the proper gear!"
  • Mitsuhashi's first cold ever. Plus, the confirmation Imai is an idiot: he was the only one who didn't get a cold from him.
  • Mitsuhashi versus the pickpocket. Including the bit where they stole a bag of white powder (actually flour, but you can guess what they believed it was) from the Yakuza.
  • Mitsuhashi's stint as Warrior Poet. It all started from this, and, Mitsuhashi being Mitsuhashi...
  • The exaggerate description of Saipan's criminals that Mitsuhashi's classmates gave him.
    • Also, Itou telling Riko of how he talked with Kyouko about his travel to Saipan, and, blushing, ends with "And that's why I am the luckiest man alive!"... To Takasaki.
    • Mitsuhashi convincing himself that airplanes are actually cable cars.
    • Imai getting tan lines... In the form of seashells on his breast and sunglasses around his eyes, thanks to Itou and Mitsuhashi.
    • Mitsuhashi's attempt at comforting Tanigawa for being less manly than Jun and unable to go to a date with the college student Minako: he praises him for being compact and saving energy, and offers him a pair of theatre binoculars to spy on Jun and Minako.
    • Mitsuhashi mistaking two tourists for Riko and Kyouko. And tricking Itou in doing the same.
    • Mitsuhashi the shark.
    • Mitsuhashi's reaction to ending on a deserted island? He declares it his property and country, of course.
  • Nemoto's indirect attempts at befriending Mitsuhashi, ending when he realized he looked like a stalker.
    • The direct attempt too.
    Nemoto: "I've been pestering you, because I'm really interested in your lifestyle... I'd like to reshape myself. That's why I've been following you around, I... Um... Can I be your buddy?"
    Mitsuhashi: "No."
    Nemoto: "Gachoon..."
    • Also, Nemoto verifying if his face was that scary: he smiled in a mirror... And jumped away in terror. Yes, his face was that scary, especially when he smiled.
  • Feeling guilty for having caused him trouble, Mitsuhashi decided to help a Beni High student from the shadows. The moment Mitsuhashi gets distracted, the Beni High student manages to get beaten up by none other than the amazing Fundoshi Mask.
  • The great battle between Mitsuhashi and Imai to discover the latter's treasure: hair restorers. That he had bought because of a scam.
  • Chapter 343, "Midnight Run!", where a thief tries to steal from Mitsuhashi.
    Police officer: "You better don't ask..."
    Smoking Thief: "Please tell me! He was chasing me down like a crazy man!"
    Smoking Thief: "Officer, I'd like to start a new life."
    Police officer: "You do that."
  • Imai had declared he'd enter college, but, once he tried the mock tests, discovered he had no way to succeed. What did he do? He went to the nearest college, entered the gate and declared success.
  • When she changed schools and enrolled at Nan High, Riko claimed it was because she was bullied.
  • In an early chapter, Riko saved Kyouko by two molesters, right before Itou could show up, and he felt indebted.
    Itou: "Thank you, Riko-chan, I'm in your debt. I'll do whatever you ask me to!"
    Riko: "Really?! Spin three times and bark!"
    Itou proceeds to do just that.
  • Epic moment. An altercation between some students from Nan and Beni High has escalated, and Itou and Imai are about to show off... And then Imai is ran over by Mitsuhashi and Yuuichi riding the latter's out-of-control bike.
  • Mitsuhashi vs Imai's broken pinky finger.
    Hospital doctor who has to re-bandage Imai's broken pinky: "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!"
    Imai: "I thought it could be healed by my manliness."
  • Itou hiding behind other people with his spiky hair popping out from behind them.
  • Mitsuhashi and Itou's disbelief at Imai's apparently finding a girlfriend in Yukari Sukiyama. That and Mitsuhashi's reaction at Imai saying that their quarrel was in the past (and Itou and Riko tormenting him by repeating it).
  • This exchange. It Makes Sense in Context.
    Mitsuhashi *on a tree*: "How can I be inside that can?"
    Itou: "Because it's you!"
  • Nakano's cute neighbour.
    A delinquent: "You lookin' down on us?!"
    Nakano's neighbour: "As long as we're clear on that..."
    Delinquent: "Clear on what? Are you shittin' me?"
    Nakano's neighbour: "Stop living in denial."
  • Mitsuhashi, Itou and Imai telling fairy tales.
  • During his story arc, Suenaga is threatening other Akehisa students who have failed to bring him Mitsuhashi and Itou, almost ready to kill them... Then two other guys shows up with pants they've stolen from Chuu High punks.
  • The picture of a younger Imai with a shaved head. It's so fun that Mitsuhashi and Itou laugh until they have stomach pain. Then they calm themselves... And starts laughing again as soon as Mitsuhashi tries to make peace and tell him he has a better hairdo than in the picture, and have to recite math formulas and history facts to stop again.
  • During a baseball game, a team from a cleaning company continued bullying the local team that included Itou and Mitsuhashi, feeling safe because two of their guys not only were former students of Akehisa but managed to get expelled from there. Their faces when they learn they've been picking on the two who in the previous story arc stormed Akehisa and beat up the head were priceless.
  • Riko's attempt to wake up Mitsuhashi on vacation. As we said, attempt.
  • The brief arc about Imai's birthday. All of it. Especially when Imai gets pissed at his family and his neighbours coming over to see Riko, mistaken for his girlfriend, and Imai says so and that Mitsuhashi is his underling.
  • Mitsuhashi and Riko at the bowling. With one of Riko's friends from her previous school accidentally insulting Mitsuhashi multiple times before realizing he's that Mitsuhashi, while Riko tried desperately to convince Mitsuhashi not to kill him and Mitsuhashi tried even more desperately not to give in to anger (Riko had promised to treat him to dinner if he spared her friend).
  • The alliance between Fundoshi Mask and the even more pathetic Takeda.
  • Mitsuhashi hiding behind Riko when attacked by a girl.
  • During the Hokunei arc, Mitsuhashi and Itou found themselves hunted down by that Knife Nut of Yanagi. Their counter? Wearing armour.
    • Later the police interrogates them on their intentions. These being Mitsuhashi and Itou, they declare themselves respectively a Restless Armor (and Mitsuhashi complains when the cop doesn't get the reference) and an Ochimusha (a samurai who lost a battle). Between Itou's face and having his hair down when he said it, Mitsuhashi and the cop laughed themselves silly, and they were let go (without armor, apparently: they stop wearing it).
  • The first encounter between Mitsuhashi and Takasaki: Takasaki approached him from behind to confront him about cheating at a race and put a hand on his shoulder, and Mitsuhashi punched him out without even looking and covered him with leaves to hide what he had just done. That's amusing, but not really worth of this page. Itou, Riko and Kyouko leaving because it's a common occurrence is.
  • This gem from Takasaki's introduction arc:
    Police officer: "Aren't you the guys who broke into Kitagawa's residence? The trio with the blond and spiky hair!"
    Mitsuhashi: "They went over there."
    • Later in the story arc, they run into some of Kitagawa's Mooks. One of them has a camera to broadcast the fight to Kitagawa... And Mitsuhashi mistakes it for a laser cannon.
  • Ryouko's attempts at showing her love to Imai, including stalking, try and talk with him only to start a fight, and gift him bananas. Imai's inability to recognize her feelings doesn't help, nor does Mitsuhashi's unwillingness to let Imai have a girlfriend before himself.
    • Mitsuhashi dressing as Robin Hood and shooting Tanigawa with a toy arrow when he tries to tell Imai that Ryouko is in love with him.
      • Later Tanigawa did it anyway, in spite of Mitsuhashi shooting him four times and then hitting him with the bow.
    • How does the arc ends? Easy: Imai didn't show up at his date with Ryouko because without him Tanigawa is bored to the point of crying before a punk (who ended up finding him a date), and one of their classmates jumped at the wrong conclusion and told Imai. Hilarity Ensued.
  • Itou convincing himself he's evil. Seriously.
  • Takasaki's accidental stint peeping on Itou and Kyouko's date.
  • Ryou found himself with a female fan who goes at grade school... So went to Mitsuhashi for help to dump her. Hilarity Ensues.
    • End result? They accidentally dumped her on Takasaki. Poor Takasaki...
  • Mitsuhashi and the Karate Club: upon meeting them he dared one of their members to break two tiles, and when he did he challenged him with four... Only to take them away (because he's an ecologist and those tiles could be used for other purposes, he said) and let the karateka chop himself in the groin.
  • Mitsuhashi and Itou talking with a karate master:
    Karate master: "What are you fighing for, what kind of path do you like?"
    Mitsuhashi: "The way home."
    • Later the karate master tries and goads Mitsuhashi in a fight with his apprentices. Everyone is scared of Mitsuhashi's anticipated reaction, but what does he actually do?
    Mitsuhashi: "He who calls others stupid is really the one who's stupid."
    *Follows a volley of insults that leaves the karate master speechless from rage.*
  • Everybody's reaction to Imai announcing he wants to go to college. According to Mitsuhashi and Itou, it would be harder than setting foot on Mars.
  • Genji Ookuma picking on a guy with died hair on the train, a guy so scared he was faking to be asleep to avoid trouble. Except it's Mitsuhashi and he's really asleep, and he wrote his name on the drawing he made on his bag.