!! Phedre's Trilogy
[[AC: Kushiel's Dart]]
* After Joscelin was teased and dissheveled by Egalatine performers his honor code wouldn't let him defend himself from, and he brings Phedre home to a Delaunay angry that she left without informing him. "Before I closed the door behind me, I gained some measure of reparation in hearing Delaunay say to Joscelin, in quite a different tone, 'What in the seven hells happened to you, lad?'"

[[AC: Kushiel's Chosen]]

[[AC: Kushiel's Avatar]]

!!Imriel's Trilogy
[[AC: Kushiel's Scion]]

[[AC: Kushiel's Justice]]
* It may be a tale built on love, the denial of love, tragedy, and revenge, but some funny moments do crop up in ''Kushiel's Justice'', mostly due to Imriel's phrasing. To whit:
** "Thus it was that my first real act as a Prince of Alba, a role I'd agreed to play for the purpose of fostering peace and prosperity, was to stage a cattle-raid on my nearest neighbour."
** (Coming on the heels of a relieved reunion after Imriel has been tramping through snowy forest, starving and alone, for weeks on end): "I have his head in a bag."
* Berlik, everyone agreed, must look immensely silly in his muslin cap.

[[AC: Kushiel's Mercy]]

!! Moirin's Trilogy