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Funny: Korn
  • Much of "Who Then Now?" and "Deuce". Highlights include:
    • Head, Fieldy and Jonathan spitting sunflower seeds and beer at each other.
    • Head buying his new car.
    Head: "I bought a lemon."
    • Munkys impersonation of "Kill You":
    Munky: You know that song "Kill You"?
    David: Yeah?
    Munky: You gotta have Jon fucking re—redo the lyrics in the middle part, 'cause that part, he's like, "OHHEEYEUHUHEHOGCUPOHEPAEHEHEH!"
    • Probably the most random part of that scene is when Fieldy randomly appears out of nowhere after Jon finishes the song.
    • Jonathan drunk.
    Jonathan: (recording vocals for "It's On!") "SAVE SOME FOR ME! Turn my fucking effects on!"
  • Fieldy: "Check on this shot right here. Get this shot on here." Chucks basketball at a pole
  • Jonathan: "Korn fucking t-shirts, $12.00. Don't bitch." *sobs*
  • Fieldy: "Bath— how do you spell 'bath'? B-A-F? 'Bafroom'?"
    Fieldy: "Keep up the good work, dawg." *CRASH*
  • The Studio Chatter at the beginning of "Clown", in its glorious entirety:
    Munky: (sings) Builds within my body.
    Dave: Four clicks.
    Jonathan: All right, go.
    (Dave does four clicks, but Munky starts playing on the third click and groans)
    Dave: Four— I just said, you faggot piece of shit on the ground!
    Munky and Jonathan: Four?
    (four more clicks, but no one plays. Ross is heard laughing)
    Dave: Ugh. Hey, what you talking about, Ross?
    Munky: Hey, the song goes: (plays opening notes) Ehh! (opening notes) Ehh!
    Dave: Hey, are you saying there's no clicks?
    Ross: Hey, we're recording! Now start!
    Jonathan: Just fucking DO IT, DAMN IT!
    (two clicks)
    Dave: I got "Twist". I wish we could put "Twist" on the fucking tape. Stupid.
    Jonathan: Wanna hear it?
    Ross: (faintly) No.
    Head: Fuck you! FUCK YOU!
    (Ross and Jonathan laugh)
    Ross: Go!
    Jonathan: Okay. (three clicks from Dave) You piece of shit.
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