Funny / Korgoth of Barbaria

  • "I've dated chicks uglier than you for breakfast!"
  • In the bar, Korgoth severs a thug's arm during a fight. It flies across the room and into a jukebox where a patron is trying to select a song. It hits a switch, music starts, and the man gives the arm a thumbs up.
  • The Red Shirt who thinks he can tame giant pigeons.
    "Hey you big stupid bird! Look at me! I- (gets pecked in half) -AAAHHHH!"
  • When Korgoth enters Specules's Ominous Floating Castle, there's somehow a pile of unopened mail at the door.
  • The INCREDIBLE POWER of the Golden Goblin... to do a little jig.
  • Specules' menacing threats to Korgoth.
    "Of all the imbeciles I have ever been forced to come into contact with... YOU, a dung-coated barbarian have managed to arouse me—I mean arouse my IRE..."