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Funny: Knightfall
Let's consider the relation of Jean Paul Valley and Saint Dumas... from the point of view of a mook.

The random mook is taking part in an exchange of weapons, and then Batman appears and gives a beating to all of them. Remember, the mook does not know anything about the whole Bruce-Bane-Valley thing, for him Batman is Batman and that's it. So, Batman takes the mook, and begin the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique asking for some "Lehah"... who is, of course, completely unknown for the mook. And with Batman's new attitude, and that terrifying new suit, things are going to get nasty. But then... he turns his head to the right (there's nobody in there) and begins to scream "No! You are the impostor! You are a ghost created by the system! You do not exist! DIE! DIE!", and fire batarangs and attacks the air.

Without thinking twince, the mook runs for his life... but it's so fun to wonder what may have passed by his mind at that moment. And even better, how would he react if Batman/Wayne, after recovering his role, foils another crime of this mook and take him for another interrogation...
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