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Funny: Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox
  • Suigetsu pitches a baseball at Naruto's head during batting practice in Chapter 7. What does Naruto do? He knocks Suigetsu's next pitch into his balls.
    Suigetsu: (in pain) I can't feel my mini-me...
    • Plus everybody's reaction to that, and Coach Genma's mental note to invest in crotch-cups to avoid a recurrence in future.
  • In chapter 11, Kabuto needling Neji on his relationship with Tenten and Neji's reaction to finding out Lee told him about it.
    Note to self: slip arsenic into Lee's energy drinks.
    • In the same chapter, Suigetsu's reaction to Naruto accepting Kiba's challenge: selling tickets and snacks for the event.
  • At the start of chapter 13, Orochimaru the lawyer. Complaining he's going to be the butt of innumerable Evil Lawyer Jokes for getting Dozu, Zaku and Kin out on bail.
  • Naruto discovers one of Kushina's hobbies in Chapter 21, and Kushina's response to his reaction.
    Kushina: Ah, good, you're home now. Go wash up, and I'll have dinner ready soon.
    Naruto: (walking past kitchen) Okay.
    (Beat—then Naruto backtracks to the kitchen and sees Kushina in a Shadow Fox costume)
    Naruto: (incredulous) Mom, what are you WEARING?
    Kushina: (casually) Hmm? Oh, this? I made it myself. Do you like it?
    Naruto: (Face Palm) Oh, great...even my own mother's infected with this Shadow Fox fever! Next thing you'll be saying you got the comic book today...wait. You did, didn't you?
    Kushina: What do you mean? I've been collecting the series ever since it first began publishing.
  • In Chapter 30, Kushina learns about Naruto and Hinata's Accidental Kiss. Her response? To ask if she should buy Naruto a pack of condoms for when he goes further with Hinata.
  • Aoi spies on Naruto's fight with Sasuke in Chapter 31, hanging from one of the Uchiha family's high walls in order to eavesdrop. Then a bird comes along and perches on his head, defying his efforts to make it leave.
    Aoi: Hey! Get away! My head's not a nest!
    • And then in Chapter 32, when the bird finally leaves, one of the first things Aoi does is to check if his head got crapped in. Made funnier when it's revealed the bird is a mechanical scout made by Kankuro as a spying tool.
  • In Chapter 37, Hanabi's response to hearing that Naruto will be visiting the Hyuga mansion to talk to Hiashi.
    Hanabi: That guy...coming to our house... (eyes Hinata) You're not pregnant, are you?
    Hinata: HANABI!
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