Funny / Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox

  • Suigetsu pitches a baseball at Naruto's head during batting practice in Chapter 7. What does Naruto do? He knocks Suigetsu's next pitch into his balls.
    Suigetsu: (in pain) I can't feel my mini-me...
  • In chapter 11, Kabuto needling Neji on his relationship with Tenten and Neji's reaction to finding out Lee was the one who told Kabuto about it.
    Note to self: slip arsenic into Lee's energy drinks.
    • In the same chapter, Suigetsu's reaction to Naruto accepting Kiba's challenge: selling tickets and snacks for the event.
  • At the start of chapter 13, Orochimaru the lawyer. Complaining he's going to be the butt of innumerable Evil Lawyer Jokes for getting Dosu, Zaku and Kin out on bail.
  • Naruto discovers one of Kushina's hobbies in Chapter 21, and Kushina's response to his reaction.
    Kushina: Ah, good, you're home now. Go wash up, and I'll have dinner ready soon.
    Naruto: (walking past kitchen) Okay.
    (Beat—then Naruto backtracks to the kitchen and sees Kushina in a Shadow Fox costume)
    Naruto: (incredulous) Mom, what are you WEARING?
    Kushina: (casually) Hmm? Oh, this? I made it myself. Do you like it?
    Naruto: (Face Palm) Oh, great...even my own mother's infected with this Shadow Fox fever! Next thing you'll be saying you got the comic book today...wait. You did, didn't you?
    Kushina: What do you mean? I've been collecting the series ever since it first began publishing.
  • In Chapter 30, Kushina learns about Naruto and Hinata's Accidental Kiss. Her response? To ask if she should buy Naruto a pack of condoms for when he goes further with Hinata.
  • Aoi spies on Naruto's fight with Sasuke in Chapter 31, hanging from one of the Uchiha family's high walls in order to eavesdrop. Then a bird comes along and perches on his head, defying his efforts to make it leave.
    Aoi: Hey! Get away! My head's not a nest!
    • And then in Chapter 32, when the bird finally leaves, one of the first things Aoi does is to check if his head got crapped in. Made funnier when it's revealed the bird is a mechanical scout made by Kankuro as a spying tool.
  • In Chapter 37, Hanabi's response to hearing that Naruto will be visiting the Hyuga mansion to talk to Hiashi.
    Hanabi: That guy...coming to our house... (eyes Hinata) You're not pregnant, are you?
    Hinata: Hanabi!
  • The tasks Naruto must pass to get in the Hyuuga's party.
    • First task, solve a Rubik's cube in the time it takes Hiashi to say the alphabet.
      Hiashi: (Naruto starts on the cube) A. B. C. D. E. F.
      Naruto: (finished) Gee, that was easy!
      Hiashi: Wha—?
    • Second task: be in two different places at the same time.
      Naruto: ...what.
      Hiashi: Meaning, two different geographical locations at the same time. And bring evidence you have done so.
      • At the party, Naruto has brought Hiashi a video of himself staying with one foot in Fire County and one foot in Lightning County, being as hammy as possible.
    • Third and final task, a riddle:
      "Then tell me..." Hiashi looked him straight in the eye. "What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of the end, and the end of every place?"

      Naruto remained silent. Hiashi waited patiently; althrough he would never admit it, he had chosen this riddle because, years before, he himself hadn't been able to figure it out until Hanabi had nonchalantly walked into the room, glanced over his shoulder at his newspaper, and said...

      "The letter E."
  • Some Black Humor after Dosu and Zaku break into Kushina's home and get trashed for it.
    Kushina: And stop bleeding on my rug! That thing's not cheap, you know!
  • In chapter 59, Tsume stumbles on Minato and Orochimaru calmly talking as they ignore Itachi beating up Mizuki in the interrogation room. How they justify their inaction?
    Minato: You did ask me not to do anything to Mizuki, right? So I'm keeping my word. I promised I wouldn't lay a finger on him.
    Tsume: (to Orochimaru) And you're just going to stand there and let your client be brutalized in that room?
    Orochimaru: After today, I'll ask the judge to remove my name from the representation list for Mizuki. Even I have my dignity, you know. Besides, Itachi-kun didn't strike first just now—Mizuki did. A clear case of self-defense.
    • After Tsume has left to get a drink, Itachi finishes the beating, leaves the interrogation room...and presses charges on Mizuki for assault. And Orochimaru apologizes for Itachi having to beat Mizuki up.
  • In chapter 67, the return of the Thousand Years of Pain.
  • Early on, Suigetsu tried to get Naruto to drink pee from a soda bottle, but failed because Naruto could notice it had been unsealed and resealed. In chapter 80, it turns out Fuu was the one who taught him how by succeeding in that prank.
  • Kakuzu's comment on how he got defeated by Fuu.
    Owww...anybody see where Quick Draw McGraw went?
  • Between Chapters 91 and 92, before allowing Naruto to take part in the end-of-year exams at Konoha High, Danzo gives him an oral test he needs to pass. The first 75 questions, posed by other teachers, are related to the school curriculum. The last 25, posed by Danzo, are related to Naruto's observational skills, and start serious enough...and then Danzo starts making questions about Shadow Fox.
  • Chapter 95:
    • Turns out Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade are friends since law school, and had quite the misadventures together—like when Tsunade found Jiraiya's immense Porn Stash, Orochimaru got in trouble with a high-school girl (she said she had her adult licence), or Tsunade wandered into the back door of a strip club (Naruto guesses she was mistaken for the main attraction, but Orochimaru and Jiraiya are too scared to confirm or deny).
    • Naruto's payback for Jiraiya threatening him with a tribunal: point out, before his old friends, that he has frequent and long dates with Rosie Palms.
  • Chapter 100:
  • Chapter 106:
    • Kushina emptying a bucket of water on Naruto to wake him up, causing him to act like he's drowning. But why did she do it? Because she was in a hurry, his bedclothes needed washing anyway, and she was betting Neji he'd act just like that. She was to win $50, but Neji gave her an extra $100 because it was just that fun for him too.
    • "So much for THAT girls-behind-bars fantasy."
  • Chapter 107:
    • Everything at Hanabi's lemonade stand.
  • Chapter 108:
    • After learning that Dan's fee is $10,000 per hour, Kushina decides to make Minato pay it. Cut to Minato (who's miles away) shivering and checking if he still has his wallet.
    • Yugito's recording device is disguised as a tampon. She's not amused. Minato (who had the idea) and Itachi are.
    • The phone call waking up Kushina.
    • Everyone pointing out that Jiraiya's a pervert, to his face.
  • Chapter 114:
  • Chapter 120:
    • Dosu and Zaku want to assassinate Kushina and Naruto, so they enter their home from the laundry room...and then they get foiled by a set of traps out of Home Alone. Including a lot of rat traps.
  • Chapter 122:
  • Chapter 123 offers us Idate and Kotetsu running away from Iruka in the most ridiculous way imaginable. And Iruka chasing them all around the city for hours, on foot.
  • Chapter 128:
    • This exchange right before infiltrating Yura's operations:
      Naruto *fake knuckle-fighter*: Why are you embarrassing yourself, walking around with such a mangy butt-sniffer like this?
      Ibiki *fake dog-fighting coach*: You want to insult my dog one more time, punk?
      Naruto: Actually, I was talking to the dog.
    • Kakashi's misadventures with his van, while "Shino waited patiently".
  • Chapter 129
    • Kakashi arrives late to pick up Shino, and looks disheveled from his bad luck with his van:
      Shino: Kakashi-sensei, you're late.
      Kakashi: (irritated) Just get in the van.
      • Later he alludes at what happened, including the reference to the black cat crossing his path. His passengers are too afraid to ask.
    • They stumble on Yura's limousine at the gas station:
      Kakashi: How do you know it's the same limo? Who knows how many of those exist in this country.
      Shino: (matter-of-factly) The license plate number is the same.
  • Chapter 132 has Gaara and his family trapped in a mausoleum, and Gaara decides to break down the heavy oak punching it down. And he actually punches through. Then he explains, quite casually, what has just happened:
    Gaara: Mind over matter. If you believe yourself to be stronger than the door, then you'll be stronger than the door. I'm stuck...and I think I might've hurt myself.
  • Chapter 167 has Sakura and Ino getting jealous because Hinata and Yugito are, ahem, bigger than them, to the point that Ino goes behind Hinata and gropes the latter's breasts while demanding to know their secret.
    Sakura: Would somebody tell me how that is even POSSIBLE?
    Ino: Yeah—(Hinata)'s the shyest and quietest of us, and yet... (hangs head) I feel lacking.
    • Making it funnier is the reactions of the boys who see Ino's groping of Hinata—Shikamaru and Choji gawk at the sight, Suigetsu passes out from a nose-bleed, Jugo's amused, Sai's confused, and Itachi is taking pictures with his phone.
  • In Chapter 183, Gaara is sleeping in the front seat of Matsuri's Lamborghini Veneno, but he's extremely uncomfortable in doing so, and ends up waking up with a sore spot. He gets out of the car and proceeds to verbally blame it: "It's your fault I couldn't sleep so well, you dumb auto."
    The Veneno gave no reply to the insult.