Funny / Kiss of the Dragon

  • Lupo getting pimp-slapped (instead of punched or kicked like the other thugs) by Liu every time he attempts to get up.
  • When he starts his raid on the police station, Liu fights his way past the lobby and barricades the door... which has led him into a room full of cops practicing self-defense. Both sides take brief pause at this twist of fate, before Liu very cautiously starts walking forward.
  • Towards the end, as Liu has gotten to the final level of the corrupt police station, he's facing off against a tough opponent in a cramped office area. They start waving at each other to Bring It, but both Liu and his opponent keep refusing each other's taunt, because they're both crouching in a perfect defensive spot and don't want to give those spots up.
  • Liu's Not What It Sounds Like moment with Jessica and the delivery boy.
  • The Big Bad's completely lame comeback to the "Kiss of the Dragon":
    Richard: Kiss my ass!