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Funny: King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
  • Some of these deaths are just too damn funny. For instance, drinking a pot full of salt water in the desert will make Valanice instantly fall over dead.
  • The Mockingbird.
  • Harassing the Falderal gate guard by hammering on the door when he refuses to let you in.
  • Valanice getting past the were-bear in the woods by temporarily assuming the form of a jackalope.
  • The incredibly melodramatic and hyperactive poodle who serves as Mayor of Falderal.
    • The equally melodramatic Chicken Petite.
  • If Valanice wakes up the rock spirit before she's supposed to, she'll be blown all the way back to the desert. Oops.
  • As Rosella disguised in the black veil, if you wait in Ooga Booga long enough for the Boogeyman to appear, he'll mistake Rosella for Lady Tsepish and flirt with her.

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