Funny / King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

  • Some of the deaths are just too damn funny.
    • Making Rosella eat baked beetles three times. She's such a drama queen.
    "Ooooh, I can't believe I ate bugs! I'll never do that again!"
    • In the final chapter, accidentally zapping the wrong Troll King. What does Rosella have to say for that one?
  • The Troll blacksmith being pretty much this universe's answer to Leisure Suit Larry, complete with making inept passes at Rosella. It's also pretty funny and satisfying what happens when you drop the wet sulfur on his fire pit, sending him into a blissful nap.
  • The Mockingbird. The thing has PLENTY of things to say about you.
  • So Valanice has just landed in the desert, what's the first thing she does? Accidentally rip part of her dress on a cactus. There's a reason Valanice hasn't had a starring role in a ''King's Quest'' game yet.
  • Harassing the Falderal gate guard by hammering on the door when he refuses to let you in.
  • Valanice getting past the were-bear in the woods by temporarily assuming the form of a jackalope.
  • The incredibly melodramatic and hyperactive Mayor of Falderal, Archduke Fifi Le Yipyap.
    • The equally melodramatic Chicken Petite.
  • If Valanice wakes up the rock spirit before she's supposed to, she'll be blown all the way back to the desert. Oops.
  • As Rosella disguised in the black veil, if you wait in Ooga Booga long enough for the Boogeyman to appear, he'll mistake Rosella for Lady Tsepish and flirt with her.
  • You can kill Valanice by causing her to wade through the muddy riverbed in the woods, where she sinks and drowns. Rosella, on the other hand, will not do this, because "Mother always taught me not to play in the mud."
  • Malicia's thoroughly undignified squawk of terror at the sight of the wind-up mouse.
  • Generally speaking the Kangaroo Rat can always find a rhyme for his dialogue. However, in a cut sound clip (listen on this page) where Rosella asks what the name of the desert is, he says "This is the Huitzilipopuatlateknahualimoatlicue Desert, and no, I'm not even going to try to make a rhyme out of that!"
  • When Rosella tells Dr. Cadaver that "we" (meaning herself and King Otar, who is currently turned into a beetle in her inventory in order to escape Malicia's notice) need a way out of Ooga Booga Land, Dr. Cadaver asks whether by "we" she means herself and her tapeworm. Otar's outraged reaction is hilarious as well.