Funny / Kingdom Hearts coded
Iago really needs a break.

  • "Here are some lies you can un-rely on."
  • In the HD remake, the entirety of Hollow Bastion II (a.k.a. debugging Riku) is Sora trying to cheer Riku up and Riku turning everything Sora says into a joke at the Keyblader's expense.
  • The 2.5 HD Remix version reveals Iago's reactions to getting attacked by Data Sora when it comes to reclaiming Genie's lamp and when it comes to attacking Jafar's lamp. Needless to say, he's not quite happy about what Data Sora's doing to him.
  • Two of the areas in Wonderland are a hedge maze where you need to evade the Card Soldiers to get through, and both of them experience a glitch. In one, the maze is suddenly filled with Card Soldiers who refuse to move, while in the other, they're zipping around the maze like someone had hit a fast-forward button on a video player.