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Funny: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
  • Axel trying and epically failing to give inspirational speeches in 358/2 Days. It gets to the point where Xion actually cuts him off with, "Yeah, we got your hokey speech memorized, Axel."
  • When Axel informs Roxas of what he intends to do for his vacation day.
  • In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, you can equip joke weapons for all of the playable Organization XII members. All of them are quite amusing, but the most hilarious one is Saix's, which is a GIANT. BANANA. His Limit Break can also be hilarious. Instead of mashing A, hold it down.
  • "Roxas, that's a stick."
  • Lexaeus taking Roxas into the tutorial on how to use Limit Breaks and literally punching Roxas into critical health so the player can practice. His matter-of-fact dialogue is what makes it.
  • "What did you see?" "Would you believe a walking, talking candelabra?"
  • "Do you always have to stare at me like I just drowned your goldfish?" Magnificent Bastard indeed.
  • The Organization is having a meeting discussing why Xion went rogue. Saix mentions that no one ever reported such a thing happening before, and Axel gets an uncomfortable look on his face. Saix clearly wants to say, "Axel, is there something you neglected to tell us about?" Unlike most moments, this one is funny on account of being awkward.
  • The entire cutscene when Roxas asks Axel what love is.
  • Roxas and Xion feel a bit awkward, internally, about keeping their identities a secret to the Genie.
  • On the 11th day, Saix tells Roxas that he'll be working with Larxene today. Roxas says "Right. Larxene. Umm..." and looks around the room for her. No-one's there, except for them two and Xigbar... who looks up and gives off an "Is this about me?" look.
    • Larxene telling Roxas to leave her alone and literally suggesting that he goes and hits his head against the wall.
    • Alot of Larxene's lines, really, especially "...Oh, dream on. It's never gonna happen" in response to Roxas staring at her.
  • The manga adaptation has Demyx's Mission Report.
    Report: "Name: Demyx ~ Place: A bunch of different places ~ Objective: Recon and stuff ~ Results: There was a bunch of stuff. And Heartless."
    Saix: A dusk could have done a better job. Rewrite it!
  • Your reward for defeating the Ruler of the Sky? Its dead body crashes into Captain Hook's ship!
  • While the scene it's taken from is far from hilarious, Roxas's only line in the first 1.5 remix trailer for the English dub is quite laughable:
    Roxas: I don't even KNOW a Sora!
  • "The only thing you could ever save me from is boredom."
  • From the 1.5 remix: Roxas scaring Axel on the clock tower.
  • The discussion of Roxas having "pushed the wrong buttons" with Xion. In the manga, he discusses it with Demyx just as he's coming out of the shower. Demyx wonders to himself if they're good enough friends to talk with each other about stuff like that, and then gives Larxene as an example of a girl who was covered with wrong buttons because everything he said to her seemed to be wrong. He would apologize to her, not knowing exactly what for, only to be told by her not to apologize if he didn't know what he was apologizing for. Later, Roxas writes a letter to Xion that says "Sorry for pushing your buttons," complete with pictures of buttons that look like the ones on a PlayStation controller. And then there's Axel's look when he shows the letter to him.
  • In Roxas's journal, he notes that Axel told him that the ice cream was the "icing on the cake," but there was no cake, only the ice cream.
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