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Funny: Kimi ni Todoke
  • Maru-chan's internal monologues in the manga are always good for a laugh.
  • During a group visit to Ryu's house, Sawako asks if Chizuru and Ryu are going out. Chizuru fairly quickly denies it, while Ryu... stays silent. Upon being prompted to say something, Ryu's response is, "Chizuru and I are like brothers." This results in Chizuru debating with Ryu over who's the "older" brother (while Ayane wonders if Chizuru is okay being called a boy in the first place), and Sawako admiring their close sibling-like relationship (which Ayane notes that she's Completely Missing the Point).
  • Kurumi sees Sawako after she announced she was Sawako's rival. Then gives her the Eyelid Pull Taunt. Cue Love Bubbles of happiness from Sawako.
  • "I'll make you vomit all your make-up!"
  • When Kurumi is "refused" by Hot-Blooded Jerk with a Heart of Gold Pin in front of Kazehaya.
  • The Legend of Sadako: Underground Gang Leader.
  • Yano's villian laugh.
  • Kazehaya's "marriage proposal," courtesy of a voice-throwing Pin, followed by his massive Oh Crap moment when Pin points out that there's a chance Sawako might actually say yes.
  • Kurumi channeling Kira in Episode 00
  • In Episode 11, Sawako delivers a killer kick that sends the ball flying...and her shoe with it. Cut to a scene of Kurumi walking nearby and Sawako's shoe landing on her head. Right side up.
  • The whole Pin getting sick episode.
  • Joe and one of his friends re-enact Kazehaya's public love confession in front of everyone. The camera pans to show that Sawako and Kazehaya are watching. Their expressions are priceless.
  • Chizu trying to help Ryu memorise Sawako's first name.
  • The ending of the second special. After numerous attempts by Snow White Ume to pass out so she'd be kissed by Prince Kazehaya (to the point of landing in the hospital), Wicked Witch Sawako offers her some sliced apple, assuring her it isn't poisoned by casually munching on one. Sawako then passes out, and Kazehaya picks that exact moment to walk in.
  • Ryu's first confession to Chizu, who misunderstands his words as an expression of platonic love rather than romantic.
    Ryu: Chizuru. I like you.
    (Chizu is shocked momentarily)
    Chizu: You surprised me!
    Ryu: Just saying.
    (runs over and hits him)
  • The Christmas party (spanning from chapter 68 to 71) gives us a fair few:
    • Sawako's...interesting karaoke choice.
    • Kent delivering a 'love lesson' to an entranced Jo.
    • Chizu all but freaking out completely every time Ryu so much as looks at her.

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