Funny / Kimi Wa Petto

  • When Sumire and Momo go to a grove called Blue Sky Commune Circle, they encounter a bunch of couples being lovey-dovey, "communing" under the blue sky. Later, when they sit on a bench, they hear a couple rolling in the bushes behind them, and Momo says, "Do you think they're communing yet?"
  • Every one of Sumire's daydreams about treating Momo like a real animal is a Crowning Moment of Funny, like in chapter 17:
    Sumire: "Can we have a pet at our new house? It's a twenty-year-old boy."
    Hasumi: "Of course, sweetie!"
  • Yuri exudes hilarity.
    "I know! Next time, just smile sweetly at Emma and tell her... she's a stupid bitch."
  • When Sumire and Emma finally break the ice over their exasperation with Hugh, they get drunk together. Sumire calls Hugh out to take care of Emma, and when he does, they have this exchange:
    Emma: Yes, I love you, I love you. God, you're so annoying.
    Hugh: Emma, until this morning, I was dating four other girls.
    Emma: Are you arguing with me?