Funny: Killing Floor

  • All together, folks!
  • Twisted Christmas brought about hilarity by introducing Gingerfast and the Snowhusk.
    "Cholesterol doesn't kill. I do!"
    " Let's build a snowman."
  • They lived up to Twisted Christmas with the Summer Sideshow. The Incredible Monkey Man and the Mechanical Man stand out.
    " Nine out of ten people prefer our fire over the leading brand."
  • Doing extremely mundane things during Zed-time.
    SLOW MOTION HEALING - "Staaaaaand stiiiiilllll, doo I looook liike I'mmmmnicking stufffff?"
  • It's rare, but slipping into Zed Time while you see the Patriarch melee someone can be hilarious. Why? Because his eyeball pops out while he does it.
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