Funny / killer7

  • The "CLOUDMAN" intro. "These dudes have got energy to spare! We're talking guys who beat off four times a day!"
    • The same chapter also gives us Travis incessantly pelvic thrusting for absolutely no reason.The fact that Con's viewpoint is right about at Travis's crotch level just made it funnier. Furthermore, HUSTLE.
  • Susie, queen of line-crossing non-sequiturs, gets her moment seconds later:
    Well, hello. Smith (^。^)ノ. How do you like this weather =*^-^*= ? The sun's bright here, isn't it? I think towns in the south are just fab (*'-'*). Because Susie just adores sweet desserts! What? My name? Yeah, that's right, it's Susie! You gotta problem with it? Just what about my name? So what I hate it too! The name Susie just bites... "Susie the doozie". "The queen of prudies, Susie". "Susie packs an Uzi". I despise men! They're all creeps as far as I'm concerned ( ̄Д ̄#). So I rounded up those sons of XXX, and took'em and I XXXX and then I XXXXX. Yeah you bet they were screaming for mercy when I cut of their XXXX! With the shape they're all in now, they can't even go out in public! Oh, here you are, handsome! (^-^) oO
    *gives you MacGuffin*
  • "Yeah. I'm here to kill Mr. Fukushima." MASK de Smith just doesn't care.
  • Garcian, while playing Russian roulette: "This gun holds seven bullets. You can't fool me. I'm a professional."
  • Some of Travis' other animations are pretty funny, although none top the pelvic thrusting. In part two of "SMILE", there is a wall that slides open to reveal a room that contains nothing...except for Travis using an elliptical bike while grinning at the player. Later still in that level is him spinning a fire extinguisher on one finger as if it were a basketball.