Funny / Kiki's Delivery Service

  • Near the begining Jiji lampshades the fact that he and Kiki are out-of-the-ordinary, with his usual charm.
    Jiji: You'd think they'd never seen a girl and a cat on a broom before.
  • Just about every scene with Jiji in it is a CMOF, it helps that his dub voice actor was the late great Phil Hartman.
  • Osono goes into labor with her baby just as Kiki and Tombo are both safe and sound—she informs her husband, The Quiet One and local Gentle Giant, of this by way of telling him to call the hospital. If the look on his face isn't funny enough, the fact that the first thing he does is run straight into a table would make anybody burst with laughter.
  • After Kiki saves Tombo, the janitor that she borrowed a broom from says "That's my broom she used!"
    • Course, this comes after the janitor was reluctant to let her borrow it earlier.
    • The fact that Kiki essentially stole it from him is arguably even funnier.
      Kiki: Please, I promise I'll bring it right back!
      Janitor: Huh? I'm not gonna give you my broom-
      Kiki (pulls broom right out of his hands): THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  • The Brick Joke with the exploding potion.
  • Jiji's response to seeing the girl cat for the first time: "Mmm, well, well, well! Hello Kitty!
    • Even better, his response when the girl cat turns him away: "Pardon me, miss snooty cat!"
  • Jiji's banter with Kiki can produce some amusing results:
    Kiki: The person who found the stuffed cat for me wants to paint a picture with me as a model.
    Jiji: *yawns* Naked?
    Kiki: (appalled) JIJI!!
    • Also:
      Kiki: You can just pretend to be the doll until I find the real one.
      Jiji: Why don't you pretend to be stuffed and I'll go get the stupid doll?!