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Funny: Key of Awesome
We all know that Key of Awesome is epically hilarious, but here's some scenes that really stand out.

  • From "Heavy Metal LOLCats": "I can has cheezburger, I can has your soul!"
    • Then the ending has a cat playing a keyboard, when suddenly Mark appears and starts playing electric guitar. It was more random, but...
  • "Moves Like Jagger" Parody, in the part where Todd says "I just ***ed my back up" and he holds the curse for a whole seven notes.
  • Justin Bieber "Mistletoe" parody: "I get more ass than a toilet seat/Cops let me sing in the ***ing street".
    • And at the end, the paternity suit.
  • "Glitter Puke:" Kesha getting her parents to stop nagging her about her boorish behavior by showing them her contract, which reads, "Ke$ha must act like a drunken whore at all times!!!!"
  • "No One Likes You:" "Even the queen once said, 'f*ck you Adele's boyfriend!'"
  • The "Love the Way You Lie" parody, being both cute and funny at the same time.
    I can't tell her that I like her, I can only shoot her with this spitball...
  • The "Grenade" parody, from beginning to end.
    I would rather eat fifty grenades
    Or wear a speedo made of razor blades
    Then have to deal with you, baby...or your stupid mom!
    • Especially in making fun of the music video by having the singer pull a keyboard by a rope.
  • "Game of Thrones", chronicling Adam Levine's obsession with the show.
    I'm not playing music anymore.
    From now on you can just be Maroon 4.
    Next time they do The Voice I won't be there.
    Tell Cee Lo that his cat can have my chair.
  • "Call Me Maybe" Parody: Carly Rae Jepsen's boy-toy comments that her band doesn't do a convincing job playing their instruments. Cut to the guitarist tapping his guitar's neck without strumming the strings, the keyboardist playing random keys, and the drummer pushing a button on a Rock Band peripheral.
  • Parodying a "Somebody That I Used To Know" cover with a struggling band let down by The Friend Nobody Likes: Funny. Parodying their own parody with puppets: Very funny. (Skip to about 2:15 here.)
  • Their "Give Me Everything" parody, in which Ne-Yo and his date get stuck in an elevator. Once Pitbull and Lassie come to rescue them...
    Ne-Yo: You guys! I've been stuck in here since five!
    Had to eat this chick to survive!
    Didn't realize...this red button would open the door! That's hilarious! *leaves*
    • "I am whispering, because I can't sing..."
  • The entirety of the "Telephone" parody.
  • The We Can't Stop parody. Highlights include Miley's dad showing up, and this;
    Miley: I could try to be classy, but what for? I wanna get my face on Mount Slutmore!
    Miley: I'm dating a french guy, made out of french fries! Om nom nom nom nom nom!
  • Every moment of their parody of "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together", especially the implication that not only is Taylor crazy, but she has a split personality...Gollum.
    Taylor: Do you mind if I sleep on your lawn? I say, I love you—
    Gollum: We hates him, precious!
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