Funny / Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

  • Haru's reaction to when she first saw adult!Lambo.
    Haru: "Ahh! He's completely sexed-up! Stay away!"
  • Lambo: "THERE WERE LOTS OF BOOBIES!" Cue Tsuna's Spit Take and Yamamoto dropping his drink burning themselves. Also, Tsuna falling out of his seat at the end.
    • The fact that the normally relaxed-to-a-fault Yamamoto goes red.
  • As well as Ryohei's, Gokudera's, and Yamamoto's attempts at getting Lambo to laugh.
  • Gokudera and Ryohei's reactions to the Vongola Boxes. Also the following:
    Lambo: "It looks like a shiny die."
    Chrome: "It's not."
  • Episode 68 has Reborn and Bianchi's wedding, one has to see Dino's Epic Fail.
  • Anytime Gokudera says "Jyuudaime".
    • And anytime Tsuna says "Eh!" or "Heh!" or "Hii!"
  • "Hit him."
  • Reborn punting Owl!Mukuro like a ball.
  • Chapter 347 gives us the following:
    "That was the frog who said Levi was a gross-bearded nasty-nose haired molester who should just die!"
    "You don't have to say that much!"
    • Bel mocks Squalo for "forgiving" Fran for his slight not long after. Bold theirs:
    Bel: "Captain, you've got a big heart. That frog called you a 'stupid long-haired captain' and you still forgave him."
    Squalo" "YOU'RE LYING!"
    Levi: "Ugh, he said it."
    Levi or Lussuria: "I heard it too, heh."
    Squalo: "SHUT UP!"
  • Gokudera's almost jealous reaction to seeing Chrome kiss Tsuna on the cheek.
  • Don't call Mukuro pineapple head. Actually do it, because it will result in a CMOF every single time.
  • "It's taboo to mention 'Mukuro' around Hibari-san!"
  • Gokudera's Ryohei impression.
  • Ryohei's landing stomach first into the pool and his swimming and Haru's reaction to it.
  • Nice block Tsuna.
  • The Lambo sleep talk scene.
  • Fran and Belphegor's interactions.
  • Gokudera scaling a fence and diving with his clothes on into a pool when concerned about Tsuna.
  • Juudaime, I'll do my best!
  • 5 year old Gokudera and puppy! Gokudera.
  • Squalo gets PWN'D.
  • Squalo's greeting with appropriate music added on.
  • Fran's box weapon is a mini Bel.
  • Anytime Fran opens his mouth to speak really. He's a Deadpan Snarker of the highest quality.
  • This.
  • Any of the video's like Gokudera vs. Belphegor or Tsuna vs. Mukuro where there made to look like sex scenes.
  • Gokudera here.
  • Bel saying nonsense but it really sounds like mansex.
  • Suck it.
  • Chapter 348 gave us the following from Fran, plus Mukuro's reaction to it.
    Fran: (to Mukuro) "That threw me for a loop. I'm surprised, that on this mountain there would be a pineapple fairy."
  • From Chapter 353: Tsuna's imagination of Reborn before his curse. "Wassup!"
  • In Chapter 351, I don't blame Tsuna for running. This is surely a trap:
  • The following:
    Taxi Driver: Where would you like to go?
    Adult Lambo (dressed as 5 year old Lambo): Italy...
    Taxi Driver: I'm sorry I can't Go there... anywhere else?
    Lambo: Aunt Otavia's house.
    Taxi Driver: Where is that?
    Lambo: Italy...
  • Also:
    Gokudera: Tenth I brought you white roses!
    Tsuna: But why are they red?!
    Gokudera: I got ran over a few times on my way here!
  • Reborn: Wow Tsuna, you got some skills out there, getting yourself hurt in the hospital.
  • Ryohei: The dolphin has guts. I want him in my club!!!
  • Squalo giving Dino a tuna as a souvenir. Tsuna's reaction is the best "Why a tuna?"
    • The absolutely nonchalant way he hands it over ("It's a gift.") is what sells this scene. Then he goes and beats Yamamoto into unconsciousness, hauling his limp body off like a sack of potatoes for some training. The whole scene is only a few minutes long.
  • The following:
    Gokudera: Anyway I don't like that guy.
    Tsuna: Huh? Why not?
    Gokudera: Anyone older than me is my enemy.
    Tsuna: [shocked and thinking to himself] God! That's a lot of enemies!
  • Gokudera's nickname for Lambo being "Stupid cow".
    • The way his voice actor says "ahoshi!" (stupid cow).
  • Anytime Gokudera looks at his sister and gets a stomachache.
  • A funny Narm moment: After Tsuna epically punches Daemon several yards underground, the next panel is simply "YOU BASTARD!" coming from the hole created.
  • Gokudera face palming when he found himself yet again, doing the "VONGOLA! FIGHT!" circle. Also, Squalo does this when Yamamoto is 'fooling around' with his puppy.
  • Hibari: "Those eyebrows are against school rules. I'll bite you to death."
  • Your stupidity is showing.
  • Anytime Dino, Tsuna, or Enma have a clumsy moment. Here's a good scene.
  • Chapter 358: Skull calling Reborn a "sideburns midget".
  • Aoba: He didn't even waver under Adelheid's wonderful panty attack!
  • Squalo attacking Bel.
  • Chapter 362: Skull telling Adelheid "So now let me stuff my face in your tits too!" after seeing her give Enma a Marshmallow Hell.
  • Chapter 364: "My hair is not a fruit, damnit!!!"
  • Mukuro and Fran wearing fruit on their heads. Note that Verde is there, too.
  • Chapter 366: Byakuran's attempt at searching for Mukuro involves blowing up a random car. Cue person running out of it while on fire.
    Byakuran: Guess not, just an ordinary person~
    Tsuna: Byakuran!
  • Then there's the "Bowling" chapter, where Longchamp invites Tsuna and Gokudera to go on a three person blind date. Of course, Longchamp's idea of a "cute" girl has always been... unique. So the three girls he invited were absolutely hideous (one of them even being Reborn in an ugly drag). The whole chapter pretty much consists of Tsuna and all of his Bishōnen guardians / male friends coming by, being horrified by how ugly these women are, and then trying to run away from them as the women aggressively pursue them.
  • Chapter 370:
    • Technically, it is true that Reborn didn't see him.
  • Chapter 380: Everyone's reactions to Flan sleeping. Even Mukuro gets Blank White Eyes!
  • In an early chapter after Tsuna saves Gokudera's life Gokudera becomes devoted to Tsuna and says he'll place his life in his hands. Tsuna doesn't want this but Gokudera glares at him and Tsuna is shown thinking "Too...Too afraid to refuse...What kind of situation is this..."
  • Reborn's tendency to fall asleep whenever Tsuna is talking. In Chapter 391 after Tsuna makes his declaration that he won't let Reborn die Reborn responds by falling asleep complete with Snot Bubble.
  • Tsuna cannot tell who Adult!Reborn is. Chapter 402, and the Arcobaleno are doing their job to make sure it stays that way.
  • Chapeter 404: Bermuda's face meet Tsuna's fist!
  • Hibari thinks the way to increase his flames to activate his ring is to get pissed off. Kusakabe and Genkishi immediately think together "That's wrong!!"
  • When protecting Yuni, Squalo and Hibari step up to protect her and Tsuna. Except Squalo is more in front and didn't notice Hibari. Hibari, instead of beating Squalo, pokes him with his tonfa and tells him to get out of his way. It's his vaguely polite expression and Squalo's reply to being poked that makes the scene funny:
    Squalo: "Stop poking me!"
  • Fran's Image Song, Special Illusion, is basically a song about fucking with people for the fun of it, specifically mentioning Bel twice.
  • Speaking of image songs, Gokudera's song, "...loop" sounds like something he was goaded into singing at a karaoke bar by Ryohei and Yamamoto. If only because the pace and melodramatic way in which he sings is so out of step with Gokudera. He even expresses disbelief he sung at the end of the song.
  • When they first meet, Gokudera thinks Shitt. P! is really an UMA (that is, an Unidentified Mysterious Animal) and continues to think this from then on to Tsuna's surprise. Sometime later, Gokudera fights her and it's revealed after the battle she thinks he is an UMA (specifically, she thinks he's a "warm UMA"). Gokudera and Tsuna are both hilariously shocked by this.
  • There's something hilariously cute about Mammon wearing a little sun hat when going to go pick up Fran with the rest of the Varia. Note that Mammon is wearing it and the hood of the robe. Thereby implying someone (likely Bel) stuck the hat on for some reason, and Mammon just didn't care to remove it.
  • Every reminder that Yamamoto thinks the mafia is really a game.