Funny / Kate Winslet

  • When she won her Golden Globe for Revolutionary Road, as seen here.
  • This segment from Inside The Actor's Studio, where she proves she's pretty good as a storyteller, remembering a hilarious impromptu improv lesson with costar Harvey Keitel.
  • Her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, alongside Michael Fassbender, Julie Walters, and 50 Cent. She apparently keeps her Oscar in the bathroom so that anyone can pretend to be accepting it whenever they go in. She says she knows if there's a long pause after the flush - "you're playing with Oscar".
    • The story from the Red Chair was a boy who had gone to see Titanic with his family. But when it came to the nude scene, his mother covered his eyes. He walked out as a result - and Kate flipped him.
      "How very dare you walk out!"