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Funny: Kare Kano
  • Several funny moments, with Yukino's furious pursuit of Tsubasa for throwing a photo of her and Arima in the incinerator being one of the best examples, especially in the anime.
    "Stop. Running. Away!"
  • A pretty good one for Yukino in the anime, I forget if it's in the Manga or not, after Arima goes through his self-pity and sudden epiphany about how Yukino has managed to peel away his persona masks one by one, she experiences an epiphany as well, that she loves the person infront of her.. Only to issue a reality check in the form of a MegatonPunch, sending Souichiro's face into itself, and him into a wall.
  • In the Distant Finale:
    After Detective Soichiro-san was killed by an assassin's bullet...
  • "IT'S A MAN!"
  • Tsubasa's face when Kazuma takes off his shirt and puts it in the washer.
  • It also comes off as Mood Whiplash but Arima chasing a heart-broken Miyazawa in the second episode is filled with exaggerated expressions and super-human athletic feats.
  • Tsubasa's reaction to Kazuma thinking she's in grade school, while she's actually the same age as him.
  • In Chapter 95 right before he gets on his flight, Reiji tells Yukino to do whatever she wants with that. When Arima asks what that is, Yukino casually pulls out the gun Reiji dropped earlier and smiles as Arima stares at it in horror.
  • When Yukino and Arima tell Yukino's family she is pregnant, there is a full two page spread used just to show the look of absolute horror and shock her father is feeling.
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