Funny: Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

  • The first time Minoru spars with Mutou; after being unable to hit the gorilla, he decides that a jumping kick will work. Mutou's response? He easily avoids it, grabs Minoru's leg, and throws him onto his back, and then says this:
  • The Pedro arc—if you can get past its many, many horrific Unfortunate Implications—is rather hilarious. A serial molester is on the loose on campus, and since he wears a wrestling mask in order to avoid being recognized, everyone assumes that Mutou is the one to blame. All of this comes after Minoru nearly becomes a victim. This completely enrages Mutou so he tries to make himself bait. Only for Pedro to still persist on going after Minoru, so Mutou eventually challenges Pedro to a fight in order to get him to turn himself in and uses Minoru as collateral.
  • At the club's party following the Kaburagi Ryu preliminaries, Minami finds out that none of the girls he invited are able, or willing, to attend. After seeing Kohinata and Mutou with their respective girls, he loses it, proceeding to chug down a bottle of booze and start doing a nude Happa Dance, decking Minoru when he tries to calm him down, before being joined by Pedro and Saizou. The girls all freak out except for Haruka, who's seen casually sipping her drink at the end of the chapter.
  • "What would you do if his seed becomes bad afterwards?!"
  • Minami during the Kaburagi Ryu Nationals, after his consumption of some very unique mushrooms.
  • Chapter 178: Minoru takes Nana out for Christmas Eve, but it becomes a textbook example of a Bad Date. They go to a Thai restaurant, rather than a more upscale place. Then it turns out that Minoru didn't even know that it was Christmas. Then it turns out that he's more interested in the Muay Thai matches that take place in the restaurant. Then it turns out that he only bought Nana along to take advantage of the couples discount the restaurant offers. By this point, one of the restaurant's employees has to physically stop a furious Nana from bludgeoning Minoru with a wine bottle.
  • Chapter 206: Saizou BREATHES FIRE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH!!!. Cue massive expressions of shock and disbelief on the faces of Minoru, Pedro, Akiko, Shiryu Kai's head, the referee and Carlos.
    • Even funnier is how he follows that up - he delivers a full body straight punch... right to Carlos' nuts.
  • In the next, we have Nana getting ready to rumble with several Ryuu fans.
  • Pedro's Kingdom, which is a description of how he sees everyone in the group.
  • The Unsettling Gender Reveal.
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