Funny / Jump Super Stars

Jump Superstars

  • Some of the Combination Attack specials are Hilarious:
    • Tsuna and Jaguar's special involves Jaguar standing still for a few seconds with a Snot Bubble idle animation and then Reborn appears and shoots Jaguar with a Dying Will Bullet. As Jaguar convulses from the bullet, he recovers HP and then shrug it off, becoming invincible.
    • Sanji and Kazuki make a declaration of love towards all women of the world, culminating with an explosion of hearts around them that causes Attack Seal status on whoever it hits.
    • Don Patch and Vegeta try to make a combined Final Flash, only Don Patch gets caught in Vegeta's attack, becoming part of his blast.
    • An angry Ryotsu chases after Nami to get back his gold from her. Nami runs away from him while in the speeder she used in Skypiea, running over anyone in her path.
    • Piccolo and Mashirito do a Fusion Dance. The result is a namekian with Mashirito's afro who weaponizes speech bubbles.

Jump Ultimate Stars

  • Every battle character has a special boost when you put any of 3 Komas out of the entire cast adjacent to the battle character, either from the same series the battle character comes from or from another series entirely, complete with a special quote. Some combinations lead to hilarious results:
    Taizo: How many pairs of underwear have you worn in your life?
    • Seiya's 8 Koma is him in the Saggitarius Armor, having special supports with Saori, Mu and Ryotsu. The latter wants to sell the Saggitarius Armor to make some good cash out of it.
    • Don Patch tries to insist that him and Vegeta are a lot alike, while Vegeta comments that Don Patch's Golden Super Mode is a bargain-bin Super Saiyan.
    • When put next to Dr. Mashirito's 8-Koma (a pirate-themed mecha), Luffy asks if he can ride it, while Freeza demands that Mashirito become his underling.
  • Dr.Mashirito's 8 Koma is him riding a new version of his Caramel Man mecha that is themed after the Shonen Jump icon named Caramelman J. Every attack from Caramelman J backfires on Mashirito somehow, just for the sake of comedy.