Funny / Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures

  • Hadji gets a couple for "The Alchemist". The first comes when a scaffolding collapses around him. Jonny and Jessie inform Hadji that they're going on ahead.
    Hadji: Oh Hadji, are you alright? Not hurt or anything are you my friend? No, Jonny. I am perfectly alright. Several iron pipes have just played Big Noise from Winetka upon my head, but fortunately, I wear a turban.
    • The second comes when Hadji is being held at gunpoint and instructed to execute the alchemy routine on the computer. When informed that if he doesn't cooperate, Jonny, Jessie, and himself will be shot and killed, he smirks, and puts his finger on the gun's muzzle.
    Hadji: Ah. Hobson's Choice, I see..
  • In "Ghost Quest", after Jonny and Jessie were made to kiss through spectral possession, they've escaped the island just as it vanished. Jonny notes that the clock on the ship is showing the same time as their arrival on the island hours ago, Jessie gets a golden one.
    Jessie: Time stood still for me, too, Jonny.
  • "Manhattan Maneater" reveals that Race Bannon is Genre Savvy enough that he might as well set his watch by the Quest's activities.
    Race: Wanna join 'em?
    Jessie:We can?
    Race: Sure. With Jonny and Benton's track record, it's a buck to a bent dime that they'll be needing us to pull their fat out of the fire sometime in the next twelve hours.
  • "Return of the Anasazi" has Jessie critiquing Jonny's piloting skills.
    Jonny: Relax. I've flown hundreds of hours with your Dad.
    Jessie: Yeah, but how many have you flown without him ?
    • And as Jonny tries to take off:
    Jessie: Rotate, Jonny. Rotate.
    • And finally, as Jonny "lands" the plane and it flips upside down.
    Jessie: How many hours did you say you'd flown with my Dad?
    Jonny: Hey, even monkeys fall out of trees, sometimes.
    Jessie: What's that supposed to mean?
    Jonny: Ask Hadji. It's one of his.
  • In "Expedition to Khumbu", after freeing Jonny and Hadji from a cage dangling over a cliff, climbing back up the rope to help her Dad pull them to safety, Jessie snarks at Jonny and Hadji.
    Jessie: I thought you guys would be lighter.
    Hadji: Ah, but you see, we are heavy. With Wisdom.
  • In "Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings", Hadji claims that it is Against his religion to be eaten by reptiles.