Funny: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Even Jotaro is laughing!
While most of the time, Jojo's Bizarre adventure is a serious battle manga, most of the cast is completely insane. Half the fun is watching them pull out incredibly zany schemes, hurt each other in increasingly ridiculous ways, or play off each other, with their own brands of Insane Troll Logic.

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     Part 1 - Phantom Blood 
  • Speedwagon's reaction to Jonathan and Erina sharing a tender moment. "Speedwagon withdraws coolly."
  • Speedwagon begs Zeppeli to teach him the Ripple power as well. Zeppeli finally capitulates and hits Speedwagon in the torso with a pinkie just like he did with Jonathan...only Speedwagon merely doubles over in pain, causing Zeppeli to wonder if he hit the wrong spot in frustration.
  • One hilarious but often forgotten moment is immediately after Zeppeli and Jonathan first clash with Dio. Zeppeli's arm has been frozen, and he's in serious danger of dying if his hand doesn't get heated up quickly, and how is this solved? Why, by Speedwagon pulling up his shirt and revealing flaming hot abs. This is never brought up again.
  • Jonathan rescuing Poco's sister from a zombie; he makes an entrance after dropping anvil its head. Seriously.

     Part 2 - Battle Tendency 
  • Joseph attempts to infiltrate a Nazi base in Mexico by crossdressing. The Nazis immediately see right through his Paper-Thin Disguise, which Joseph can't believe at all.
    • "Tacos!" Araki literally had the Nazis say this as they got knocked out solely because they were in Mexico.
  • "Ha-ppy~! Joy-ppy~! Nice to meet you-ppy~!"
  • Hell, ANYTHING that Joseph trolls at his enemies.
  • Esidisi's reaction to Joseph severing his arm. "HEEEEEEY!"
  • The Joestar Family's Secret Technique: RUN AWAY!
    • Made better because Jonathan never used that, and he refers to it as if it was passed down the family line.
  • After his Training from Hell, Joseph shows off his new abilities by challenging a mugger to stab him. When he tries to do so, he stops the blade with one finger, and then pulls out a container of mustard and squirts it all over the mugger's head. After about a page or two of suspense, Joseph admits that that last part was just to mess with him.
  • At the end of the Hell Pillar Climb, Joseph is about to slip off the wall. Caesar grabs his wrist... only to remember that he's exhausted, too. "26 seconds later, after Joseph said 'Don't let go!' thirteen times..."
  • In the anime, Joseph peeks in on Lisa Lisa while she's bathing. Later, in Lisa Lisa's epilogue, after a mention of her being his mother, he can be seen with an utterly disgusted look on his face.
    Joseph: Niiiiice!
  • Kars playing with an unconscious Lisa Lisa's legs like a guitar.
    Kars: Ween ween ween!
    • Better when you realize he didn't do that in the manga, and in the anime his lip flaps don't match up to the actor's recording. That wasn't in the script.
  • The squirrel.
  • Joseph showing up at his own funeral at the tail end of the saga. The sheer length of time it takes him to realize just drives the gag on home.
    • And the reason he showed up? 'Cause Suzie Q forgot to send the telegram informing everyone that he wasn't dead.
  • ACDC putting out a dynamite stick by eating it is funny enough, but then you realize - AC/DC had a song named T.N.T.. Not every reference has to be on the nose.

     Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders 
  • For the anime adaptation, what song did David Production choose to serve as the outro to Part 3's episodes? Walk Like An Egyptian, of course.
  • Any time Joseph swears in English. Especially funny in the anime, thanks to Unshou Ishizuka's hamtastic delivery.
  • Jotaro's first appearance, when Holly goes to pick him up from jail.
    Holly: "Jotaro! Jotaro! Jotaro!"
    Jotaro: "SHUT UP! Get out of my face, you bitch!"
    Holly: "Okay!"
  • Jotaro repeatedly stealing various objects with his Stand while locked in a jail cell at the very start of the arc, somehow managing to snag RC cars, weights, motorcycle helmets, and an exercise bike. Some fridge humor comes into play when you realize that Star Platinum is a short range Stand.
  • Anime related, but the "Rero rero rero rero" moments were translated so well it's outright hilarious to watch.
  • Polnareff nonchalantly offering Joseph some gum after the battle with Strength.
  • The anime adds a couple scenes that are pretty funny.
    • After the Tower of Gray fight, Avdol can only stare in disbelief at how easily the flight attendants fall for Jotaro and Kakyoin.
    • After Joseph defeats the Empress Stand, revealing the true form of its user (a very Gonk woman who was wearing the skin of a much younger, prettier lady), Polnareff (whom she had been trying to seduce) basically retreats into a Corner of Woe until they leave. The others try throwing the car keys at him to snap him out of it...and they get stuck in his hair.
  • Polnareff's first experience with an Indian toilet. A pig pokes its head up from the bowl. The bellhop hands Polnareff a stick with which to fend it off. And then the bellhop recommends letting the pig lick Polnareff's butt clean!
  • When Polnareff ends up at an inn being run, unbeknownst to him, by J. Geil's mother (who plans on killing him horribly after he killed him for killing his sister.) He keeps trying to make friendly conversation with her while inadvertently pushing her Berserk Button over and over until she's struggling to keep the facade up.
  • On their way out of India, the heroes pick up the runaway girl from earlier, who's hitchhiking. She tries to get Kakyoin's attention by talking about how she'll have to wear a bra soon. The reaction?
    Caption box pointing at the heroes: NO ONE CARES.
  • The ending to the Wheel of Fortune chapter. Especially ZZ thinking he's killed Jotaro and proclaiming "I did it! I ended Part 3 early!" and Jotaro asking him who the main character's gonna be now ("And you better not say you.") Then the big reveal about ZZ...he's just a scrawny little guy with comically huge muscley arms. Cue the group bursting out laughing at his ridiculous appearance... and then laughing AGAIN when his Wheel of Fortune car Stand goes from a big muscle car to a smaller one which Joseph compares to a sheep losing its fur.
  • When Polnareff runs into a still-living Avdol after he apparently died, he enthusiastically brings him back to the others, only for them to act completely nonchalant about it. They were all in on a plot to fake Avdol's death (with Hol Horse and J. Geil's unintentional help) and didn't tell poor Polnareff because they feared he had a loose tongue.
  • Joseph is forced to land a jet.
    Joseph: Hey, Jotaro. This'll be my third crash landing. Heh, have you ever known anyone who's ever crash landed a plane three times in their life?
    Jotaro: I will never fly with you again!
    • Before taking the camel, Joseph suggests crossing the desert by helicopter. Jotaro reluctantly says that he's not flying with a guy who has crashed three times in his life.
    • And then the incident with Mannish Boy marks the fourth time Joseph crashes a plane. At that time, Jotaro had to fly with his grandfather again. And yes, the plane crashes. Jotaro mutters "I just knew it" as it happens.
  • The whole "I'll show you how to tame a camel!" scene. Joseph claims he can teach the others how to ride a camel since he learned it from watching Lawrence of Arabia, but it soon becomes clear that he doesn't know what he's doing and he admits that he slept through most of the movie anyway. Once everything is over, Joseph is covered in comical bandages. And when the camel slobbers all over him, he tries to pass it off as sunscreen.
  • The gang's battle with Arabia Fats and his Sun stand. Especially when Kakyoin, Polnareff, and even Jotaro burst out laughing causing Joseph to think they've gone insane from the heat...then said tense moment becomes hilarious when it turns out they're laughing because they spotted a ridiculously obvious flaw in Arabia Fats' otherwise perfect concealment. Cue Jotaro taking the poor guy down with a single stone. It's almost worth it just to see Jotaro Kujo, hardass extraordinaire, laughing his head off. Arguably funnier in the anime version, where during the scene when Kakyoin points out the flaw in the disguise and subsequent stone throw a sped up version of the music that normally plays when the tables are turned on the enemy runs in the background.
  • As the gang attempts to escape their submarine from Midler's High Priestess Stand, Joseph quickly trains them in underwater handsigns since they'll be wearing scuba masks. Polnareff shows off some signs he knows... which Kakyoin immediately figures out means "I can see your underwear." Polnareff bursts out laughing thanks to the mostly sensible Kakyoin getting it in one shot. Then they high-five and fist bump even as Joseph tells them off for messing about with the enemy right behind them.
  • The Part 3 Anime has a unexpected one: The ending for the Oingo Boingo episode is animated entirely in the weird cartoon style of Thoth, instead of the traditional ending.
    • Hell, the whole Oingo and Boingo chapter probably counts. Oingo disguising himself as Jotaro, only to get put in one silly situation after another where he has to prevent his identity from being exposed to Polnareff and Joseph seems like a send-up to the kind of humor you'd see in a Looney Tunes cartoon.
    • The Thoth-style ED sequence makes its triumphant returns when Boingo ends up teaming up with Hal Horse.
  • Anubis on being at the bottom of a river: "I'm so lonely!"
  • Joseph and Avdol's bizarre adventure while battling Mariah. Especially when they get into a spot of trouble in the ladies' bathroom.
    Avdol: "Disasters in the bathroom" is Polnareff's department!
    Joseph Joestar: (while getting pummeled by the old lady) HELP ME! OH MY GOD!!
  • Kid!Polnareff's reaction while taking a bath with the Egyptian woman. Finally a good experience in a foreign bathroom! (At least until Alessi sneaks in.)
  • Alessi thinks he has the advantage over Jotaro when he uses his stand to de-age Jotaro to approximately seven-years-old. Then Jotaro socks him square in the face. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you recall Holly remembering Jotaro as a polite and mild-mannered child: she's so doting that she never realizes how brash and rude he was as a kid.
  • After Alessi regains consciousness, he finds the re-aged Jotaro and Polnareff looming over him, ready for payback. Cue both of their Stands manifesting at once. And in the 2014 anime, this is preceded by Star Platinum—up to this point, as unflappable as Jotaro—flashing one hell of a manic grin. (Silver Chariot may be doing the same, but its helmet makes it hard to tell).
  • From the Capcom fighter, one of the secret characters asks the question, what would happen if Alessi tried to use his stand on Joseph? The answer: de-age Joseph until he was about 18, during the events of Part 2 when he was in his physical prime and an expert in Hamon. OOPS!
  • During Jotaro's poker game Batman Gambit against D'Arby, he maintains his award-winning poker face whilst D'Arby steadily goes insane from the tension. After the game is won, Avdol checks Jotaro's hand, only to find that rather than having a hand that could beat D'Arby's four of a kind with kings, Jotaro had an absolute garbage hand, filled with worthless cards. Cue Avdol and the kid dealer nearly face faulting and said kid letting slip that he had been dealing Jotaro a bum hand on D'Arby's orders. When Jotaro asks said kid about it, the kid runs for the hills.
    • D'Arby's Villainous Breakdown during his card game with Jotaro is hilarious. After the first winning hand, D'Arby is somewhat perturbed to see Jotaro isn't even looking at his cards. Jotaro proceeds to use Star Platinum to sneak him a cigarette and a drink, making D'Arby think he's switching his cards. What really starts doing D'Arby in is when Jotaro starts making outrageous raises, starting with all of his remaining chips (including the chips for his soul), then more chips for Avdol's soul (Avdol volunteered since he couldn't maintain a poker face and would've lost to D'Arby if he challenged him), then more chips for Kakyoin's soul (to Avdol's astonishment), then even more chips still for his mother's soul! And to top it all off, he demands D'Arby call his raise with the secret to DIO's stand. D'Arby ends up having a complete and total breakdown, the stress driving him mouth-frothingly crazy!
    • Not to mention when Jotaro asks to raise his bet, D'Arby's reaction to be seen to be believed.
    • The TV series does the climax of D'Arby's Villainous Breakdown justice: he gets so freaked out, Color Failure kicks in!
  • In the 1993 OVA's English dub (as well as the 2015 anime), we have D'Arby's insane ramblings as the souls of all the victims he cheated are released following his defeat.
    D'Arby: "Hey, everyone! Let's play mahjong! Backgammon is a lot of fun! Dice is thrilling, too!"
  • Hol Horse and Boingo's team up. When they're in an Egyptian taxi, Hol Horse is about to let Boingo out of the suitcase he was held captive in. Bear in mind, Boingo was on a plane, too, AND Bound and Gagged. The very first thing Boingo does when Hol Horse removes his gag? Puke all over him.
    Hol Horse: Still a little airsick, are we?
  • How about the conclusion to the competition with Terrence D'Arby, whose Stand powers let him know exactly how Jotaro's going to deal with him?
    D'Arby: Are you going to hit me with your right hand?
    Jotaro: (No. No. No.)
    D'Arby: Are you going to hit me with your left hand?
    Jotaro: (No. No. No.)
    D'Arby: T-Then, are you going to use both hands?
    Jotaro: (Yes. Yes. Yes.)
    D'Arby: A-Are you going to do your "Ora Ora Ora"?!
    Jotaro: (YES. YES. YES.) [Asskicking ensures.]
  • In a darkly comical way, the way Dio bluntly told Senator Wilson Phillips (who Dio was forcing to drive him around Cairo after the escaping Joseph and Kakyoin) that he wasn't going to let him go alive. Dio was so blunt with the poor guy, it's hard not to laugh.
  • On a related note, the Part III Capcom game: DIO's time over lose animation has him rapidly backdash off screen. Couple this with Mariah's Noblewoman's Laugh pose and...
  • And Joseph AGAIN in the epilogue to Part 3, when he fakes a Grand Theft Me with his best Dio impression immediately after being brought Back from the Dead by Dio's blood. Thankfully, he cut it out when Jotaro is about to smash him and manages to correctly answer questions about music and films that Joseph likes.

     Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable 
  • The Duwang scans. Any possibly dramatic or fairly serious moment is ruined by some of the most slapdash translation seen on a manga. Some of them have become outright memes in the community, with the more improved Part 4 scanlations retaining the more famous ones such as Koichi's "Get a feeling so complicated" as well as Kira's infamous "What a beautiful Duwang!"
    • It is worthy to note that Duwang really does improve towards the end, with scentences being legible and actually translated fairly well. Still hilarious, though.
  • Josuke's mother leaping onto Jotaro, thinking that he's Joseph, hugging him and telling him how much she missed "him." While still amusing, what made it hilarious was how stoically he reacted to having such a cheerful and cute young lady hugging onto him.
    • Their identical appearance is actually pointed out by Josuke at the beginning of the part. Upon seeing Jotaro, he thinks to himself "hey, that guy sorta looks like me!"
    (Flatly and lifelessly as usual): My apologies, Miss Higashikata; I'm Mister Joestar's Grandson.
  • Part 4 has its moments, but the entirety of the arc, "I Am An Alien!", definitely deserves mention. Especially Mikitaka turning into a pair of dice and landing a perfect roll... while making Bruce Lee noises which even Josuke calls him out on.
    • The subsequent dice game scam that Josuke tries on Rohan afterward. And Rohan's house burning down yet Rohan not giving a damn about it because he's obsessed with trying to uncover Josuke's act of cheating.
      • The reveal of the latter part; Rohan and Tamami (called in as an impartial judge) are carefully studying the dice. Just when you think the sirens of passing fire trucks have given Mikitaka away (sirens make him break out in a rash in any form)...
      Tamami: I've figured it out! The sirens were coming here! Your house is on fire!
    • During the aftermath of Rohan's house burning down (which he's convinced was caused by Josuke), Rohan keeps his cool.
    Josuke: Uh, sorry about yesterday. The fire was, um, pretty bad, right?
    Rohan: Yeah. I had a complete replica of the Drexel Heritage furniture used in the movie "Pretty Woman" valued at 2.5 million, which was damaged beyond repair. Not that I care or anything.
  • Josuke and Okuyasu eating at Trussardi's restaurant. Seriously, the entire thing! Especially the end where, even after ascertaining that Trussardi's not a bad guy, he still forces Josuke to stay behind and clean his kitchen top to bottom all because he busted into said kitchen without observing proper hygiene.
  • Old Joseph mishearing everything.
    Okuyasu: 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'!
    Old Joseph: 'Pop pop pop the popper'?
    • A minute later, Akira disguises himself as a SPW worker and attempts to assassinate Joseph. When caught, he fingers another worker as the assassin, only to get punched out straight away by Okuyasu. And when Akira asks how Okuyasu figured it out so quick...
    Okuyasu: I was planning on punching the both of you. 'Cos I'm not too smart, ya know?
  • Okuyasu's tips for making a girl hate you (he's trying to help Koichi shake off a very obsessed Yukako Yamagishi):
    Okuyasu: Koichi! Starting today, don't take baths! And don't brush your teeth, and wear the same underwear everyday! And breed lice in your hair! And fart all the time too!
  • There's something darkly hilarious about Rohan and Josuke laughing with each other during their game, then Rohan slamming a knife into his own hand and cutting his finger off to show he's not fucking around.
  • Also comedic in a rather dark manner is all the shit that Kira goes through in order to get back his 'girlfriend'. It almost seems like something from a Three Stooges show. What it leads to, however...
  • A rare one from Kira.
    Kira: By the way, do you have a tissue? Or a napkin, perhaps?
    Koichi: I don't... Why do you ask?
    Kira: I see... Well, you can use mine.
    [Kira punches Koichi in the face]
    Kira: Nosebleeds make a big mess, so I thought you might need one.
  • Jotaro makes a really narmy one-liner once he finally confronts Kira.
    Jotaro: Nice watch. Too bad it won't be able to tell time after I break it. Break your face that is.
    • Then after kicking the shit out of him he gets closer to the astonished Kira and delivers the line again.
    Jotaro: Yare, Yare. Now that I look at it up close your watch looks like crap, but you dont have to worry about that. After all, I am about to make it much worse, your face that is.
  • Another from Kira which has fast become a meme itself:
    Kira: When I was a kid, I saw the Mona Lisa from my grammar school art book. The first time I saw her, with hands on her knee... How do I say this... I had a boner.
    • Even funnier is that despite coming from the above Duwang translation, it's actually completely accurate, down to the use of the word "boner" (the page has the kanji for "erection" in it).
  • When Josuke finally catches up to Yuuya Fungami, the user of the Highway Star Stand that nearly killed him and Rohan in the town's hospital, he finds that Fungami is merely a bed-ridden invalid, who tries to appeal to Josuke's good nature by asking whether he would really bully a weak and helpless cripple. To this, Josuke responds by healing his injuries with Crazy Diamond, and THEN while Yuuya is estatic about his recovery.
    Jouske: "Yup you're all better's a fair fight, now right?"
    Yuuya: "Oh. Crap."
  • Certainly an unintentional one, but some people on the net clarified some of Josuke's claims...
  • Echoes Act Three has disabled Sheer Heart Attack by increasing its weight. Sheer Heart Attack is linked to Kira's left hand. Which leads to the very satisfying sight of better-than-you jackass Yoshikage Kira being yanked to the ground by his suddenly-50-kilogram left hand.
    • Not just that, but what follows is a hilarious Humiliation Conga for Kira as he unintentionally causes properly damage with his left hand, is forced to pay for it, and then gets beat up by some random thugs.
    • What's even funnier is Koichi sticking the sound effect for heat sizzle in front of Sheer Heart Attack and allowed to run around the room while he was thinking.
  • As terrifying as Cheap Trick really is, some of the lengths its carriers go to avoid showing their back to people can get pretty silly.

     Part 5 - Vento Aureo 
  • "I turned your gun into a banana. Treat it as your last meal." What better way to kill off Polpo than with Black Comedy.
  • 16 X 55 = 28. Fugo makes Narancia solve thi maths problem. 28 is the answer Narancia gives, even after getting halfway to solving it. Fugo's response? Stab Narancia in the face with a fork.
  • After finally defeating Proscuitto and Pesci and discovering that Trish is a Stand User Buccelati spends a moment in shock with a tiny bubble in the corner of the page with Sex Pistols mentioning that he had completely forgotten about Mista, who is pictured lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.
  • The scene where Giorno and Mista share a "moment", to Narancia's horror.
  • To mend a gun wound sustained during Mista's fight with Sale, Narancia and Fugo, in a grand display of ingenuity, staple his wound shut.
    • Mista is horrified for a moment, but then he says that he likes how it looks.
  • After defeating Zucchero, Narancia, Mista, and Fugo start dancing. Even better, it made it into All-Star Battle!
  • Mista musing on how human flesh probably doesn't taste that good.
  • The whole body-swap thing. But Mista and Trish reactions to it take the cake.
  • The group is eating, then Narancia accidentally stains some dude's clothes. The man gets angry and shouts and Narancia who, being Narancia, almost mechanically hits the man to unconsciousness. Then the rest of the group all gather around the unconscious man to wonder about whether the stain can be cleaned and how to do it. While the man is unconscious. Seemingly not noticing such unconsciousness. Comedic sociopathy, thy name is Jojo.

     Part 6 - Stone Ocean 
  • During a full cavity search, Jolyne begins to pose like a model. The two female cops don't seem to mind.
  • How does F.F. hide the Star Platinum disc? Enlarge her breasts and hide it in the cleavage.
  • In part 6, Pucci uses Whitesnake to put a normal CD in Guccio, turning the latter into a human loudspeaker. Pucci's response? Close his eyes reverently and open his arms wide in praise.
    Pucci: Yes...praise this phenomenon...
  • Anytime Anasui tries to get a sweet moment with Jolyne; they're either just happenstance that he interprets as romantic opportunities or absurdly contrived set-ups by the man himself (such as getting FF to trip Jolyne just so she'll fall into his arms); either way, they usually end at his expense.
  • Jolyne flipping off Kenzo in four different languages.
  • When F.F. fight Kenzo, Kenzo's stand "Dragon's Dream" tell F.F. her weak points because he's neutral and want a "fair fight". Of course, since his power is about Feng Shui, he also included mundane info, such as:
    Dragon's Dream: Above your left ear. Right now, this spot is the ultimate red warning sign... Also, your lucky color is yellow and a picture of gold fish will bring you luck ...not that you have one at hand, but...
  • Jolyne, after regaining her memory, sees she wrote a note to herself that says "Don't forget to wear your panties". Her realization is priceless.
  • Hermes tries to cheer up Xander.
    Hermes: Whenever someone says "This Monday was a bad day," they'll say to themselves that "Saturday will be better." That's how we continue to live! No one lives a life of only Mondays!
    Xander: I was arrested on a Saturday.
    Hermes: ...
    • Even funnier: before that, Hermes offered Xander her panties. And he was actually interested, too (if only for a moment)!

     Part 7 - Steel Ball Run 
  • Stephen makes a horrible joke after going into a speech about a large block of ice holding the SBR trophy:
    Stephen: Well, I think those comments broke the ice, don't you think?
    Everyone: [Collective Groan]
    Lucy: [Supportive clapping]
  • The president of the United States shotgunning a beer.
  • Diego's joke about the cougars and rattle-snakes was pretty funny, if not cringeworthy.
  • Gyro's out-of-nowhere song about cheeses. Best part? Johnny likes it. Maybe. Although, later on he's shown singing the song with Gyro, and suggests that they should start a band together.
  • Scarlet is chock-full of them:
    • Scarlet just playing with Lucy's nose, lips, and cheeks.
    Lucy: Scarlet!
    Scarlet: Ohhhhh!
    Scarlet: On my face, Lucy! I want you to squish me with that cute little butt!
  • Gyro's bad joke in "7 Days A Week." Or rather, the thrashing about he does during it.
  • The "Like a winter catfish" guy.
  • When Valentine belts out a "DOJYAAA~N!"
    • Also worthy of mention is the Napkin Speech Valentine delivers in order to explain his motivations. It's just as brilliant and enlightening as it is absurd and ludicrously thought-out.

     Part 8 - Jojolion 
  • Yasuho's reaction when she remembers Josuke's "2x2 testicles".
  • Yasuho being innocent enough to fall for Josuke's distraction so he doesn't have to beat the ever-loving shit out of Oujirou in front of her.
  • Josuke's Genre Savvy comment on how everyone who goes to the second floor in a horror movie dies; and thus applying the logic to his situation.
  • Josuke "shaving", when he's really just using his bubbles to get rid of the hair and making them fall on Joushuu and Hato.
  • Josuke and Joushuu's reaction to good-looking woman.
  • Yasuho, for no good reason, licking her elbow.
  • Josuke needs to send Yasuho a text with Joushuu's phone, but Yasuho hates Joushuu. How he starts his text?
    This isn't Joushuu.
    Guess who~
    • He also signs off as "4 Balls", which Yasuho interprets as how much Dango he wants to eat at the restaurant he texted her to meet him at.
  • Norisuke on Stands:
    Your Stand is like your asshole. You can't go around showing it off to other people.
  • Norisuke again on examining Yotsuyu's body:
    The dick is very important.
  • Josuke's dramatic declaration of love towards Yasuho.
    Norisuke: I see, so it's unrequited love...
    Josuke: Urgh... That's also kind of... Um... Well... I guess we can go with that.
  • Tsurugi, after convincing Norisuke of keeping the strange-rock-skinned-wild dog (that Yotsuyu "healed"), ended up naming it as "Iwasuke" ("Iwa" means "rock"). Tsurugi, being a kid that likes to use puns, it's no wonder why his grandpa and Josuke were not amused at it.