Funny / Johnny Depp

  • He doesn't think he's funny, but he is incorrect. Check out the story he told on David Letterman about defacing a 21 Jump Street billboard of himself with paint, on roller skates, at 2:00 in the morning.
  • This interview with Tim Burton. ("Ten decades?!")
  • During press for Rango, he was asked if he was a Belieber. As his young daughter Lily-Rose is a big fan, he said yes, and young Master Bieber entered the room very shortly thereafter, causing Johnny to wonder if he'd "conjured him up" in some way.
  • His interview with Letterman when he admitted he never watches any of his own movies is absolutely hilarious.
    Letterman: But along the way when you're making a film, and say it's complicated like some of these pirate movies they were shot consecutively. Not even consecutively, but simultaneously. Aren't you just a little curious about how the work looks that you're doing?
    Depp: (Bluntest voice possible) No.
  • After running afoul of Australian customs note  and forced to do a cringe-worthy apology video, Johnny Depp openly mocks deputy PM Barnaby Joyce on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
  • As related by Kevin Smith, one of the first things Johnny Depp did while preparing for the shoot of his scenes in Tusk was to outfit himself with a prosthetic nose. As soon as it was on his face, he called Kevin to his trailer to show it to him and ask how phallic it was, and whether he could make it even more so.