Funny / Johnny Depp

  • He doesn't think he's funny, but he is incorrect. Check out the story he told on David Letterman about defacing a 21 Jump Street billboard of himself with paint, on roller skates, at 2:00 in the morning.
  • This interview with Tim Burton. ("Ten decades?!")
  • During press for Rango, he was asked if he was a Belieber. As his young daughter Lily-Rose is a big fan, he said yes, and young Master Bieber entered the room very shortly thereafter, causing Johnny to wonder if he'd "conjured him up" in some way.
  • His interview with Letterman when he admitted he never watches any of his own movies is absolutely hilarious.
    Letterman: But along the way when you're making a film, and say it's complicated like some of these pirate movies they were shot consecutively. Not even consecutively, but simultaneously. Aren't you just a little curious about how the work looks that you're doing?
    Depp: (Bluntest voice possible) No.