Funny / Johnny Cash

  • "A Boy Named Sue".
    "And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him... Bill! Or George! Anything but Sue, I still hate that name!"
  • "Chicken in Black", which is often claimed to have been recorded as a Take That! to Columbia Records, who had been treating him poorly for years (though Robert Hilburn's biography Johnny Cash: The Life reveals this isn't the case at all: Columbia offered the song to Cash, who loved it and had no trouble recording it, only to lose interest when his colleagues disappoved). Ironically, it actually became a hit and raised his status with Columbia for a time. The best thing about it is that John's delivery is pretty straight-faced and serious. Also had a legendary tongue-in-cheek music video, complete with chicken brain transplant!
    "For two long years my head hurt bad, so a doctor checked me and he shook his head. He said, 'I'm sorry to tell you, but your body's outlived your brain'."
  • His tale of assembling a "custom" automobile in "One Piece at a Time".
  • Actually, considering Cash's reputation of recording so many somber songs during his career, he also had a very large repertoire of humorous songs, ranging from gallows humor like "25 Minutes to Go" to ironic songs like "The Man Who Couldn't Cry" which often had audiences in stitches when they realize the song actually pokes fun at many of the trope associated with sad ballads. In 1967, he even released an entire album of comedy songs, Everybody Loves a Nut.
  • During "I Walk the Line" on the San Quentin album he cracks up during the final verse and jokingly warns a camera man that he's in the wrong place to bend over.
  • "Oney", which is about a man preparing for his retirement; those plans include sending a final message to the tyrant supervisor who tormented him over the years.