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Funny: John DiMaggio
  • A Xbox commercial that came out just before Gears of War 2 was released featured John, wearing a Marcus-style doo-rag, going into Marcus' voice and barking: "Dom! Cole! Baird! Get over there and do...something!"
    • In the same period, a video was released in which he talks about playing with himself in the game. This leads into John talking about how he likes to "come home, take his pants off and play videogames!".
  • A story told by Jonah Ray (and confirmed by Di Maggio) in episode 437 of the Nerdist Podcast: Apparently, the two of them were at a bar together once, and Di Maggio was pointed out to another patron as the voice of Bender. The patron expressed disbelief, and Di Maggio's inebriated response was push him onto the floor and start doing pushups over him while screaming "You don't think I'm the voice of Bender? I'll kill you, I'll kill all humans!"
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