Funny / Johannes Cabal the Detective

  • When Cabal is trying to come up with a backstory to the civil servant identity that he has just stolen and is describing his fictional time in the military.
    Cabal: "I was at the academy in my youth, but my horse-" What do horses do that is bad for their riders? he wondered. "Fell on me."
  • Leonie and Cabal, to their mutual horror, are introduced to Mirkarvian cuisine.
    Leonie: What am I supposed to do with this? Eat it or resuscitate it?
    Cabal: "Thank your lucky stars that you asked for it well done." He'd asked for his to be cooked medium rare, which in Mirkarvian cuisine meant that it had been show a picture of an oven for a moment and then served. A very brief moment, mind.
  • Cabal is attempting to convince the captain that someone did indeed make an attempt on his life. The captain is still somewhat skeptical.
    Captain Schten: So you said [to Cabal's statement that someone tried to kill him], and they just vanished. Hardly the actions of a determined attacker.
    Cabal: Only after I stabbed them! (Awkward silence) I did mention I stabbed them, didn't I?
    Schten: You did not.