Funny / Johannes Cabal the Detective

  • When Cabal is trying to come up with a backstory to the civil servant identity that he has just stolen and is describing his fictional time in the military.
    Cabal: "I was at the academy in my youth, but my horse-" What do horses do that is bad for their riders? he wondered. "Fell on me."
  • While being forced to work for the Mirkarvian government, Cabal requires a number of special materials. He also asks for some things that he doesn't actually need for his work, but which are difficult or irritating to obtain, confident in the knowledge that they don't know enough about necromancy to call him out for it.
  • Leonie and Cabal, to their mutual horror, are introduced to Mirkarvian cuisine.
    Leonie: What am I supposed to do with this? Eat it or resuscitate it?
    Cabal: "Thank your lucky stars that you asked for it well done." He'd asked for his to be cooked medium rare, which in Mirkarvian cuisine meant that it had been show a picture of an oven for a moment and then served. A very brief moment, mind.
  • Cabal is attempting to convince the captain that someone did indeed make an attempt on his life. The captain is still somewhat skeptical.
    Captain Schten: So you said [to Cabal's statement that someone tried to kill him], and they just vanished. Hardly the actions of a determined attacker.
    Cabal: Only after I stabbed them! (Awkward silence) I did mention I stabbed them, didn't I?
    Schten: You did not.