Funny: Jim Cummings

  • When asked if a character he voiced, Hondo Ohnaka was good or evil, Jim answered "Yes. Definitely."
  • At the 2013 ConnectiCon, Jim did a reading of Darth Vader interrogating Princess his Winnie the Pooh voice!
    • And his Darkwing Duck voice as well, for the Imperial officer arguing with Vader. That's right; you get to hear Darkwign Duck working as a argumentative underling to Winnie the Pooh!
    • She must have hidden the plans in the escape pod...oh bother!
    • And this video of him using his Tigger voice to play Michael Corleone.
    • He also re-enacted several scenes from Gone with the Wind as Ray at this ConnectiCon 2013 panel as well. It was just as funny as it sounds.
  • He's confessed that occasionally at a drive-through window, he will prank the server by going into character as Winnie the Pooh and ordering a jar of honey.
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