Funny: Jim Caviezel

  • His Brief Accent Imitations, especially his Christopher Walken one which he likes to do a lot.
    • He and Michael Emerson building off each other during and turning a Paley panel into a laugh fest doing impressions of various New Yorker accents (and the people who had them) they'd come across during filming.
  • "I always wanted to be a little kitty."
    • And no, it doesn't make sense in context.
    • Perhaps even funnier is that the question posed was "What superhero would you want to be?" Jim Caviezel was cast as Cyclops in X-Men before scheduling conflicts required him to drop out. He was also considered by Bryan Fuller for the role of Superman in Superman Returns but Fuller ultimately decided to go with a younger, unknown actor. Not that it would have made a difference anyway.
  • Ron Burgundy interviews Jim Caviezel.
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