Funny: Jhonen Vasquez

  • His Twitter account. Seriously, his twitter account is nothing but Funny Moments nonstop! His tweets are weird, disturbing, and hilarious as they come. Check it out, and here's a few samples if you're unsure.
    "'I am the BBQ.' - someone who is the BBQ"
    "Butt-dialing someone is bad enough, but you don't know real embarrassment until you've butt-murdered someone."
    "You guys much younger than I am will never really know how hard it was to butt-dial people on a rotary phone."
    "Well I saw ninja turtles movie. I have no jokes in me. I've only the yawning void left behind by the shit I just sat through."
    "So as it turns out I'm not actually awake and that I've been in a coma most of my life and I've dreamed you all up. Wash my dream car, guys."
    "My dog made it through a night without peeing her bed! I got so excited I peed all over my bed and now my dog thinks I'm disgusting."
    "AMAZING NEWS FOR INVADER ZIM FANS: Just had my first ice cream Drumstick in years and it was AMAZING! Also, ZIM is still cancelled forever."
  • His tumblr is also equally funny. This is a good example:

citrusgrey: what's jthm?
Jhonen: Japanese Tit-Hammer Man. A few years ago I tried launching a new I.P. for the overseas market, but it didnít go over so well. It found a bit of a handhold in the adult entertainment area but never broke out the way I wanted it to and his trademark move of taking his magic hammers to tits was viewed as overly misogynistic thanks to translation problems (the hammers hammered magic into them)..

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