Funny / Jennifer Lawrence

  • Apparently during her first press conference - for a movie with Kim Basinger - she was asked why Kim wasn't there. She jokingly replied that Kim was dead. She describes a few seconds while the answer was translated and then she suddenly gets whipped off the stage and into media training.
  • While filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, she liked to troll Liam Hemsworth by eating fish and garlic before their kissing scenes.
  • Her interview with Stephen Colbert when promoting Joy, started with Colbert mistakenly saying "you play a guy in this".
    Colbert: Now you play Joy Mangano, who invented the Miracle Mop.
    Jennifer: Yes, he did.
    • She also said she's been told only by her boyfriends that she aggressively slips back into a Kentucky accent when she's angry.
    • There's also a moment of Digging Yourself Deeper where they joke that she's not afraid to seem like she's not perfect. Jennifer says she doesn't have a choice, and Stephen implies it's because her publicist isn't doing a good enough job. He changes the subject to her parents being backstage, Jennifer explaining that their flight was delayed - and then hurriedly saying she would have brought them anyway.
      Stephen: We've been here only forty-five seconds and I feel I've done nothing but attack you.
      Jennifer: I know, right. My whole life is destroyed. I've been dropped by my publicist, my parents are gonna be gone by the time I get backstage.
    • When asked if she would prefer the power of invisibility or flying, she picks invisibility so she can say she's flying and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  • On The Graham Norton Show in December 2015, she cheerfully describes her Epic Fail when she tried to be an Ambercrombie model. Her pictures never came out and her agent wrote to ask why - and their only response was literally just the pictures. They showed Jennifer on a beach with models who were playing football in "a pretty way", whereas she was there with a Game Face, flared nostrils and sweat pouring down her face.
  • Photobombing Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, seen here. She also did the same thing to Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2014 Met Gala.
  • During X-Men: Apocalypse, she had to wear a bodysuit for her Mystique blue form. She couldn't pee while wearing it, so she had to pee while standing up into a funnel. And she and the rest of the cast members had a habit of shooting each other with BB guns on set - so one day James McAvoy burst in on her while she was peeing to shoot her.
  • During an interview promoting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she says she enjoyed eating a lot of sausages in Berlin - realised what she's just said and spends the rest of the interview Corpsing over her own comment.
  • One day she and a friend were trailed by paparazzi, and the friend was upset at seeing photos of herself. So Jennifer cheered her up by googling "Jennifer Lawrence ugly" to put things in perspective.
    • Her mother later found that in her search history and was prepared to give her a talk over it.
  • While being interviewed before the Oscars, she discovers Jack Nicholson checking her out and does a magnificent Double Take. She then has a huge The Knights Who Say "Squee!" moment when he praises her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.
  • After getting her Oscar nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, she was at a party and an older woman came up to her and started congratulating her. Jennifer - who had a lot of champagne at this point - was convinced that this was Elizabeth Taylor. She didn't know that Liz had been dead for quite some time.
  • Hosting a screening of La La Land in New York City, Jennifer introduced it's star, her friend Emma Stone by saying "If I wasn't her biggest fan I'd Tonya Harding her in the kneecaps!"
  • While promoting Passengers, she and Chris Pratt take part in a BBC-Radio 1 skit where they give each other playground insults. Jennifer's choice insults?
    • "You're so old, your publicist is registered as a nurse."
    • "Where do you keep your Oscar?"
    • "Your beard is so thin...wait I can't talk about my pubes."
    • "Before our sex scene, I took two Pepto Bismal."