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Funny: Jellyneo Altador Cup Vii
  • After Keetra yells about how Mirsha should not have been able to shut her up with physical violence, Zenor stuffs a practice Yooyu into the Cybunny's mouth.
  • Just about any mention of the pressed Neopoint machine can go into this territory.
  • Clay changes Valka's answering machine message to a rap song featuring the two of them basically insulting one another.
  • When Kiah Martin and Hassow Tsukimura were mudslinging one another, the last one before Mirsha and Reginald interrupted was a message from Kiah that was pretty pointless.
    "Hassow Tsukimura did not approve that last message."
    • It gets even funnier when the two do interrupt in order to try to get the news's attention on a slow day by yelling extremely dramatically. Reginald even admitted afterwards that he only said 'followup at eleven' at the end because it was something he always wanted to say.
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